Friday, 25 July 2008


There's this piece of argument between the boys that has been repeated a few times and I just MUST record this (though I have not heard it in the last month).

Micah: Max, You cannot do that cause you're just a kid. I can do it cause I'm a man.

Max: No, I can do it. I'm a man.

Micah: No. You're a kid. I am a man.

Max: No. I can. I'm a man.

Micah: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Max: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Micah: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Max: No. I'm a man. You're a kid.

Micah: Actually, I'm not a man. I'm a man-kid.

Max: No. You're a kid. I'm a man.

Micah: Ok. We are both man-kids. We are just too small to be a man.

Max: No. I'm a man.

Micah: Nooo. We are both man-kids, Max.

Max: Koh-koh man-kid and Max man-kid?

Micah (impatiently): Yeeesss...

Max: OK.


Mommy over-hearing this from the kitchen is completely amused and bewildered.
Who could have thought of such a term as "man-kid"?


JLow said...



U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy, your kids are their conversation.
Hey, I love your swing...the last time I sat on one like yours, but an iron one was at my wife..that time still girlfriend, her house...wayyyy back.
And that swing made loud creaks as we sat till about, I opened my car hood, took out the engine oil dipstick and quickly dropped drops of my engine oil on the more creaks, ha ha.

And next day her mom asked whether I went home early? Ha ha...She was so used to hearing us sitting and creaking away on the swing, ha ha. Lee.

Moomykin said...


Cute and so baffling!
They really make me laugh sometimes.



oh, I love that swing too, but unfortunately it does not belong to us. That photo was taken in a hotel in Jakarta. We were just there the week before.

Waah, you so pandai to keep some things a secret. :)
Good one!

Ann said...

hahaha....very cute! A sure sign that Micah is learning the art of compromising!

Moomykin said...


He does the compromising when he's in the mood, as in good mood. Other times he'll just cry or yell and shouts...

But it's funny when he comes up with new words.