Sunday, 13 July 2008

We went for a little girl's party at McDonald's last Saturday.

It was Mommy's friend's 3 year old's Birthday do. So because it was not someone familiar, the boys mainly wanted to play at he children's area. Mind you, not so much the slide, but to run around the slide. Not enough just to run around the slide but, ...

Max: You Frank, me MyQueen, koh-koh Tow Mater (This is playing out the tractor tipping scene
from Cars movie.).

So much to other children's entertainment or envy, I wonder which one more, Mommy was racing around the area with her two boys and occasionally scopped them up and blew raspberry on their neck.
Then there were a couple of games, passing a plate and a scavanger hunt. Micah took the games quite seriously, but both boys were happy enough with their prizes of stickers and note pads.

Before we knew it, it was time for the cake and song and we went back a little after that.

It was good in getting them ready for their little nap.


Ann said...

Your boys look so cute in their matching outfits !!!

When I throw my son in the air (safely) or curl him round or turn him upside down, he giggles and laughes outloud....and the other kids watch and look longingly and point to us!!!

I think your raspberries are a GREAT thing for your sons!!!

Moomykin said...


I think the boys are cute in matching outfits too. Already, when not in matching outfits, there are were strangers who asked if they are twins. Funny, eh?

Oh, must do all these acrobatic stunts with them while we can. Soon we can't lift them up anymore. Even now, Micah is starting to be really hard on the back to carry.