Tuesday, 8 July 2008

"Holy Porsha"

Read this post and was inspired to put one of my little own.
Here's with thoughts of you, Uncle Lee.

Max has been crazy about the movie Cars (Disney-Pixar) for the longest time.

So my boys, Max especially, are starting young with their fascination with sports cars and race cars.

Here are the faces of Max with anything cars that I've got in my iphoto album:

Watching the cars Movie,
Just look at the intensity on his face.

21 July 2007

30 Aug 2007

25 June 2008

Playing with the Cars toys from McDonalds

28 Aug 2007

Playing the Cars game on Wii,

Jan 2008

He also wants to looks at other race cars like F1 and shows like "Driven" captures his attention too.

You can imagine our excitement when we spotted a Porsche in front of Nikko Hotel,
Micah was yelling, "Max! Max, a pink Sally*!"

And I wonder what he got out of this book at his Aunt's working table. :)

Well, this is all for now.
Max and his love for cars...

* In case you did not watch the show, Sally is a blue Porsche in the show.


U.Lee said...

Hi Moomy, hey, thanks for the mention.
Yes, start your kids with toy cars, better than toy guns.
When I was very young my mom bought for me a Mechano set, as well those small Dinky toy cars.
Everytime she goes shopping she'll buy me one as they're cheap.

Can see your boys really engrossed with the car show, ha ha...can see their eyes, facinated.
Wow! That's a beautiful red Porsche...and Moomy, your two boys will grow up, and believe you me, they will always have that image of that red Porche you took pics of them.

Get pics of cars, ones you have in Malaysia and get them to call out the names or makes.
As well, when travelling out of town, to stop then asking, "what time we arrive grandma's house"?
Get them involved in car spotting...see which ones can name the most cars.
My father got me to do that or else I'll be fighting with my three sisters at the back seat, ha ha.
He made me count the lamp posts or telephone posts too...I gave up after 50, ha ha.

You have a great week and keep well,..oh ya, go buy your boys a toy Porsche! Ha ha. Lee.

JLow said...

That's a good idea- to have them interested in cars rather than guns. Toy guns are way too easily found everywhere, even my own little girl has two (water) pistols.

Since over 6 months ago, Caitlin; who would have been about 3yr old, could already identify the different makes of cars on the road. She'd be able to say "Hey, that looks like XYZ's car! Only a different colour!" I was quite amazed 'cos I would have assumed that all cars looked the same to them at this age. She is able to recognise just by the rear of the car models.

Since her uncle has borrowed her Bee Movie, Caitlin has been watching the original Cinderella these days. She doesn't quite get the happily ever after part yet, only thinking they are whisked away in the carriage to go home after the church wedding!

Ann said...

The pink Sally exclamation crakced me up!!! hahaha...

It is indeed funny the way boys think and ooohhh.....their love for cars !!!

Must be an inborn gene or something!

Cuddly Family said...

awww.. I can so relate to this :)

my boys are car FREAKS.. as you have seen HAHAHHAHAHAHA

they learnt to tell different colours by looking at the cars. One of their first mags to read was motor trader HAHA

ahh.. boys...

Our Jouneys.... said...

Hi...good to see u back online...so when can we meet up. Must meet with Sasha and your whole family. Since you will be away for a while...Saturday you free?

Moomykin said...


When traveling out station, what captures their attention and keep them from whining and fighting are the machines involved in road constructions. They'll be all cheering and yelling to us, "Look! A road-roller/ cement-mixer/ ditch digger/ tractor/ excavator/ etc."

The other one would be either the double-decker bus or the car transporters. No go with lamp posts or telephone posts as we don't have them on the highways now.

You have a good day too. :)

Moomykin said...


Until today my boys have no toy guns, as in We have not bought them any, not even water guns or bubble-shooting ones.

However that does not stop them from using the bolsters, wooden back-scratchers and other longish cylindrical items to be used as pretend gun.

Just last Sunday Micah asked a friend to make him a gun out of paper. He wanted one with a long barrel, so I told him it's a hunting gun and explained what that was. The better use of a gun.

Boys will be boys I guess.

Moomykin said...


I really think so too, that it is in born. A friend was telling me how she stopped at a construction site for her boys, 3 and 6, to watch the machines work and they were thrilled, but another girl in the car, 5 years old, was bored to tears! Hahaha...

But since I had my boys I am always on the look out for trains, tow trucks, ambulances, police cars, tractors, and sports cars on the road too!

Moomykin said...


Oh, I am sure you know it. :)

What can we say?
Boys will be boys.

Moomykin said...

Our journeys...

Lets meet, but not this sat. Already a booked. How about next week ?

U.Lee said...

Can I come too? ha ha, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Sure. If you're ever back here, we could always take you around the new KL.

I'm sure it's totally different from how you knew it then, for better, for worse.