Monday, 7 July 2008

Fear Factor: Gadgat-Daddy

We have always seen this Bike on a tightrope at the science center (at the water-park area),
but have never even thought of attempting to ride it. The bike is probably 10 feet from the ground... actually from the surface of the pond.

Last weekend when we visited with Gadget-daddy, he decided to take the plunge (which seemed impending if you were to lose your balance.)

Just sitting on it at first was "scary", said, Gadget-daddy. He sat for maybe 3 seconds on the stationery bike gathering up his nerves before peddling forward.

After the first round, he was a bit more confident and did it three times in total. Of course the boys were excited and wanted their daddy to give them a ride. "No," was the resounding chorus from both very excited parents.

Congratulations, Gadget-daddy.
You did it! You overcame your fear!


Ann said...

now we know how they do it in the circus !!!

But good for Gadget Daddy!!! Must have amazed the boys!!!

Moomykin said...


Now my only worry is that the next time we are there the boys may want to attempt that, or ask Mommy to entertain them! I'm not getting on that, Thank you!