Monday, 14 July 2008

Debate: Packing

Part 1.

Mommy: Oh, Look. Just the boys and the luggage (blue) is almost half filled. Not even all their stuff is in yet.

Gadget-daddy: Dear, Take less. It's only 4 days. Use the smaller (green) bag.

Mommy: No. I can't put my stuff with theirs if we use that bag. I want to put all our stuff together.

Gadget-daddy: We have traveled to Singapore for the same days and you could use the small bag.

Mommy: Well, that's when we drive and we don't have to put the shoes into the bag. Also we get diapers and PJs from my sis so we don't carry all those.

Gadget-daddy: Ok, how many Pjs are you taking? 2 pairs is enough.

Mommy: OK, look. 2 pairs each. (Takes out one set of PJ from each boy's stack.)

Gadget-daddy: 2 pairs for both boys.

Mommy: No. One each is not enough. What if they get it wet while brushing their teeth, or spill a drink just before bed?

Gadget-daddy: OK. 2 pairs of PJs each. Shirts? 4 is enough. One each day.

Mommy: Not enough. Especially for Max. Accidents are more likely to happen. 6 sets of clothes.

Gadget-daddy: Too many. If need to, you can buy there. (Starts taking out some shirts.)

Mommy: What? But...

Part 2

Gadget-daddy: Ok. Lets see what are the allowances from the plane. (Check on the internet - Budget airline.)

Mommy: I still think it's easier to just have one luggage. Less to worry about.

Gadget-daddy: But it'll be very heavy.

Mommy: But we aren't carrying it around. Just check it in right?

Gadget-daddy: Then lug it from car to check-in counter then to car and into the room.

Mommy: So?

Gadget-daddy: Wait. (Makes a call to the budget-airline and talks to someone. Blah... blah.. blah...) Ok. We have 60 kg for all 4 of us. Ok. Use the big bag.

Mommy: Thank you. (Puts back some of the stuff gadget-daddy pulled out, but did leave a few hankies and a couple of shorts out.)


We have one huge bag for all of us, including Gadget-daddy's clothes, the kids' diapers for the night, some dried fruits for his staff there and toiletries. Plus a stack of books for the boys and have yet to put in all necessary chargers, some packs of tissues and a bottle of saline for my contact lenses. For my hand carry, I still have to put in their bottle of muti-vit, a fever mixture for just in case and ... (I'm sure there will be some things I need to bring.)


U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy, ha ha, your packing clothes like having a business convention....decisions, enquiries, questions, responses....
I always leave all packing to my wife...because for some reason or other I have never learned to fold a shirt, ha ha.
Have a good trip and holiday, Lee.

Ann said...

hahaha.....mummy's always think of the What-ifs and then pack accordingly!!!

Coz when anything happens, we do want to be prepared especially if we are alone in a foreign country!

Rememeber to take enough clothings for yourself! And your vitamins as well...and handiplast and antiseptic cream and ear buds and...etc.etc. :)

hissychick said...

Hahahahaha this could've scene has been played out more than once at our house too.

Bon voyage, looking forward to catching up when you get back :)

A gift from God said...

better be safe than sorry.... :) I support mummy!

neomesuff said...

hehehe..we mummies always likes to bring extra kan hehe

Moomykin said...

Thank you, all, for your well wises and support.