Friday, 25 July 2008

Snap-Shots from Jakarta

So here are more shots of my boys in Jakarta, which actually is mostly hanging around the hotel's outdoor park and pool.

We did a visit of the Sea World and had quite a good time watching them feed the fish in the main tank and also the piranha (the feeding frenzy is real, not a myth).

We visited a different mall every night (not that we craved for it, but just didn't know where else
to take the boys to) and had our dinner there.

Most of all, we welcomed the time to say good bye...

And back to our own beds.

Home sweet home.


Ann said...

Nothing like home!

Hope home will be easy to create in Jakarta as well. Just bring the usual jammies and pillow cases and perhaps home with daddy will be just another place named after the heart!

Moomykin said...


nothing like home indeed.

So far it's just been a nice holiday at the hotel. Cant think of it as home yet.