Monday, 28 July 2008

TTDI Park - At Last!

After having heard of this lovely park for the longest time and from so many friends and blog buddies, We finally got to the said destination...

Yes, I kinda got us lost on the way, ended up at the jungle trail and saw the sign of "Do not feed the monkeys" before we made it to the actual park. Yes, the one with the lovely stream.

Anyway, The play group had a session on "cycling as a hobby" and so we had to go.

We did the session, the kids all brought their bikes, and then we ended with a picnic and fishing at the stream. One lady even caught a lovely red shrimp, of which Micah declared, " Mommy! she got a sea creature!" That was funny. Everyone let their catch of the day go, as we did not want to torture the poor creatures with travel.

So Now that we know how to get there, hey, how about a picnic sometime?


Mummy-yeoh said...

My cousin told me about it. Daddy Yeoh and I have plans to take Sara for a picnic in the park but we never got around it. Wont mind joining you guys for a picnic :)

milochel said...

i aso wan go picnic!!! soudns like fun! :)

Cuddly Family said...

we go there a fair amount, the kids love it there, HEAPS of fun :D

we had the Js bday party there last year :)

when? when?

Moomykin said...


We can plan a pot-luck kind of picnic some time then. :) maybe the same crowd that met in April, and we can see how the little ones have grown!



You are most welcome to join us. just let me know your schedule and we'll set the date.

Moomykin said...

cuddle family,

must look at our calendars and will text you guys. :)

Wow, it must have been great to have the Js party there!

JLow said...

My father in law goes for morning walk there a few times a week.

Which means- yes, Caitlin's school is also walking distance from this park.

Caitlin had her first "run" in this park (as opposed to first steps). She was also very keen of the playground there, though being quite a hike from the main gate....

Those were the days before she started school though....

When is the (next) gathering?? Be sure to let us know!

Ann said...

Still waiting for boyboy to be able to walk before venturing the TTDI park. But I love that park and it is so much better now after all the landscaping that they did.

Glad to see you there before you leave.

Moomykin said...


So it's kinda like your back yard, huh? :)

Will let you know when we can do a little picnic.



Oh, babies can enjoy parks before they start walking. Especially with a stream, you can carry them and dip their chubby little feet in. Quite a delight I'm sure. :)

Oh, must check some dates. Must check some dates.