Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Career Path for a Four Year Old

Micah has decided he wants to be a train engineer and drive a train.

So there was this morning he said, "Mom. I don't want to go to Aunty Mable's school anymore. I want to go to the Train School. now."

Hence Mommy had to explain all the different levels of schooling he has to go through until he is ready for train school, because he still can't read instruction (so cannot operate a train), still can't count (need to know how fast to go or to slow down) and needs to know more about how things work so that he can help fix a train when it breaks down.

He agreed to start with Aunty Mable's school.

But he will sometimes come tell me,

"When I am 5 years old, I will go to a different school, one for bigger children.
Then when I am 10 years old, I must go to another school, for even bigger children.
Then when I am.... Then I can go to the school to be a Train engineer."

Happy dreams, Micah.
Let's see how far you'll take this...
Mommy and Daddy are always supportive of what you want to do for a living. :)


JLow said...

Hey, at least he already knows there are different schools for kids of different sizes, and for different vocation!

Ann said...

I think dreams are great. And I think it is really great that he knows some sort of direction he wants to take.

And if nothing else comes out of it, it is his pure determination now.

I am proud of him too!

Moomykin said...


yeah, Kinda had to lay out the cards for him so that he knows schooling is a long journey. hahaha...



He keeps saying he wants o drive a train, to be a train driver, but grandma will "correct" him and tell him to be a train engineer. Sigh... Oh can't we just let them dream and have fun. In time to come it may be a grand thing o drive a high-speed train.