Sunday, 6 July 2008

"Water-Painting" Fun

I found these at Silverfish Books.We had one round at home, then the boys and I brought some to our neighbour's house and had fun with our friends.

They are magic painting book. Actually all you needed to do is to paint water over the picture and you'll be surprised!!
The colours magically appear!

It's actually quite cheap, just below RM5 per book (maybe 16 pictures or more - guessing. Sorry, I didn't count).
I was thinking: it's an activity you can do for your kid's party even! Isn't that cool!
Or you could give them away as gifts for no reason at all! Fantastic!!

I actually bought a couple of extra copies to keep. May come in handy any time. :)


Ann said...


I actually grew up alot of activity books....joining numbers to form a picture and all that!!!

Moomykin said...


yeah, my sisters and I loved those maze and dot-to-dot and other puzzle books!

I could not remember this, but my younger sis said we had these as well when we were younger. But I' can't remember. I only remember the ones we shaded with a pencil to reveal a hidden picture and "kalkitoes"!!