Thursday, 31 July 2008

Yes to Play, No to Sleep.

Because the boys napped today, it is harder than usual to get them off to dreamland.
Not forgetting tomorrow is a school day.

So what did the boys do?

First they played with some old toy train they found.

Then they tossed a 2 foot tall pink bunny around the room.

After that, we sang some action song, involving tossing catching and walking around the room with a bean bag on the head.

Then they played with the laundry baskets, taking materials to some place where they were needed for some construction.

Then they were a couple of engines (locomotives) that were stuck under some rubble requiring some rescuing.

Now they are watching the last race of "Herbie" while Mommy quickly try to post one last post before the turn of the month. Will have to go get them to bed soon.

Snooze time for us all then.

Looking forward to tomorrow.
Gadget-daddy's coming home!!


Ann said...

Looking at the bedroom, i am thinking - gone are those days when matching pillow cases and bedspreads become a requirement!

Now, as long as they are clean and tucked in properly!

Moomykin said...


We have 3 big bolsters, 2 small ones and 6 pillows.

I try to match as much as I can, but not into spending on the unnecessary. Matching all bed sheets and pillow cases is not necessary.