Sunday, 31 August 2008

In-door Park

We don't usually take our kids to those in-door parks kinda thing (kidzone, etc.) simple because where we are there are parks a plenty.

But last week, while Mommy had to have a chat with a friend over lunch, Gadget-daddy took the boys to one in Midvalley.

Here are some of the nice shots Gadget-daddy took of what they did.

I came back about 90 minutes later and the boys were having a light snack. Then even after we had announced we were going to head back, we actually only got out half an hour later.

They sure had fun...

Oh, But now they know what these place are and that they are in places familiar to them.

Did we just set ourselves up for some more pestering and pestering and more pestering...?


U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy, when we returned to Malaysia my BIL wanted to take me there, but the long crawl of traffic made us change our minds...went to Petronas Towers instead...
Ha ha, now you're for it...your kids will remember this place...habis cherita, see you there next weekend, ha ha.
Stay cool and have a nice Merdeka day, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Thanks for the Merdeka wishes.
I will always remember your story and the parade you took part in. :)

Yes, they remember the in-door park, but it seems our no.2 is taken more by it than the first.

JLow said...

Ya you are in for it now!

Caitlin really likes visiting these; I think she's only ever been 3 times so far.

It is quite good exercise for them, unless they go in droves such as being invited to birthday parties being held there... Yes even I was intimated by these like-minded possies! (do the kids still use this word??) Cos other than physical exercise they also exercise the power by numbers- I was "attacked" by a few of them (with soft sponge balls shot out of their air cannons)....

Needless to say, I also got a good workout following Caitlin with my camcorder, bending over most of the time following her. It was well worth it because I only had to pay for Caitlin's entry haha!

Ann said... least they are in doors so it is good for a rainy weather! and you get to let them play on their own a bit while you sit at the sidelines resting!

Mummy-yeoh said...

I took Sara last Friday to Bangsar for the in door park. Check out my bog later. Will post it soon

A gift from God said...

Ah... you are definately in for it! hehehe....

I nearly took Reese there last Saturday but we don't have socks!

Will try next week or so..

mumsgather said...

Next time when you go to a shopping complex with these places, you just have to make sure you don't walk near anywhere near it or you'll never hear the end of it. Hahaha.

Moomykin said...


I know... But Micah was also interested in the pets world, so maybe not too bad. In fact, at first he said he did not want to go there, but when he did he was totally thrilled.

Yes, good thing that adults no need to pay. So expensive just for play. Sigh... Ok, see it as paying for security too.

Moomykin said...


Yeah, good for rainy days i guess...

I was out meeting my friend and Gadget-daddy was with them. Max actually needed quite a bit of supervision, so he had no rest. By the end of the session, all 3 guys were beat! hahaha...



Ooo... can't wait to see your cutie in action. :)

Moomykin said...

a gift from god,

Well, the boys didn't have socks either, so we popped over to Jusco to get them a pair each.

Now whenever we head out, better put extra socks in the car, for adults and kids. :)



Ah, yes. Very good idea. Just hope the kids would be happily distracted and not think of it even while we are at the mall.