Saturday, 29 March 2008

Brothers Talk

I decided to do the ironing early today since we had stayed home the whole day. Gadget-daddy was watching TV while keeping an eye on them. The following conversations were heard while I was ironing...

Conversation #1

Micah: No, Max. You cannot do it. You are not strong and powerful like me.
Max: Can-lah. Max can.
Micah: No, Max. You cannot yet. You are not strong like me yet.
Max: Can. Max big boy (alrea)dee. See...
Micah: (giggles hysterically)
*At this point, Mommy just had to take a peek to see what was happening downstairs.
I saw Max trying to lift the beanbag onto the sofa but not very successful. That was what Micah was giggling and laughing about.

Conversation #2

Max: Waaaah....! (crying.)
Micah: Why, MAx? Why?Why? Why, Max? Why? Why?
Max: Daddy beat me. (spanked)
Micah: Why, Max? Why? Was it because you were naughty?
Max: Yeah... Waaaaah!
Micah: Why? Why, Max?
Max: Max go in store room.
Micah: Don't be naughty next time, ok? OK?
Max: Waaaah.... Mommy where?...
*Max came up stairs to lodge his complain and to get some Mommy band-aid - cuddle and comfort.

(Done ironing and back in our room. The boys watched some race cars on Youtube)

Conversation #3

Max: Me, Ferrari. You Lamoghini (Lamborghini).
Micah: Ok Let's race.
(Runs in circle around the room, jumping on and off the bed.)
Micah: Oh, I need some petrol. (Takes Mommy's hand and sticks it into the crook of his arm.)
Max: This one petrol-lah. This chocolate milk. Here take some.
Micah: No, I already had mine.
Max: No. Take this one.
Micah: No. I'm Sally. I'm going to crash into the mud.
Max: (Points to himself) Not Lamoghini. MyQueen. Come on, let's race!

They are still running and crashing around the room ....


JLow said...

Excellent! For some reason I feel that in this age, there are fewer and fewer residential places that are still safe enough for kids to be cycling on; either due to increased traffic or weirdos lurking...

You let your kids search YouTube??

Moomykin said...


In our area, all the roads, apart from the main road, are a cul-de-sac. So traffic is relatively reduced and our house is nearer to the end so even less traffic. But we are very careful and watch the road/traffic: very carefully.

Yes, I watch Youtube with them and will tell them if something is "No good." So far they have asked for things that are safe and sometimes I choose for them what is educational.

I feel I have more control over this than TV. Well, they watch only 30 mins max, usually just repeats of a few cartoon music videos like chicken little or Madagascar. Then they'll run off to do other things.

Recently, we watched how a baby bird gets fed by the mommy bird. This came about because one of the boys asked if birds nurse their young too.

p/s- My boys and I love Animal Planet, and now Micah "knows" Jeff Corwin because that's dinner TV for us when Gadget-daddy comes home late. Hahaha...

Peter said...

Was much tickled by the Brothers Talk. Yes, our kids have their fair share of siblings talk, including "Stephen, I told you not to do like that, OK? Can you understand or not?" Stephen still doesn't talk much and on days he does, he will blabber away words that are indecipherable mingled with English and with Mandarin thrown in! We recently discovered he couldn't say "Coconut"... he says: "Conanut" and the more we tried to correct him, the worst it became... "Coconanut", sending us further into laughter and tears. Sheanen tried endlessly to correct him, but to no avail. Finally, realizing her efforts were futile, she gave up on his little brother.

hissychick said...


I don't want baby E to grow up....but I can't wait for the conversations that she will have with her big sister one day....

Ann said...

Hahaha.....i like all the why why why !!

Makes me feel having #2 as a boy could be quite fun too for #1!

Moomykin said...


Oh, the boys can be so good for each other. Yes, they fight a lot,but it's normal with kids. That's why they need us to teach them to love and share and be grateful.

This morning Micah was cranky when he woke up, and Max tried to comfort him. He threw a tantrum until he got his milk, then calmed down. Max went again to hug and kiss his brother. So sweet!

Moomykin said...


cocanot. So cute.

Max will say coco-cola instead of coca-cola. He was just trying to say harmonica, but keeps saying har-mica. SO funny.

Kids. They are just so fun, aren't they?



I know what you mean about not wanting them to grow up... Mommies just simply adore our babies.

I'm sure girls would have even more to talk about, even in their pretend play.

My sisters and I used to pretend play and put up a huge fairytale and even Chinese opera drama! Lots of talking there. ;)