Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Chatter in the Car

Pepperboy recently commented on how Max is talking so much now compared to the last when she saw him. Then he was just starting to walk and hardly talked except to yell and point at what he wanted.

Monday morning: We were dropping Daddy off at the office before running an errand and then to visit Ah Mah. The conversation in the car on the way went like this:

Max: Small world, got train one. Got plane one. Aeroplane one. Got boat one. Racing (to)gether one.
Daddy: Max, what are you talking about?
Max: Small world one.
Mommy: Oh, you mean from the song "It's a small world?" (They show this clip of the miniature world exhibit in Amsterdam while playing the song.)
Max: Yes, Small World one.
Daddy: Max, why do you talk like that? Don't say "one." Just say, "small world".
Max: OK. Small world. Got trains. Got planes too. Got boats too. Got cars too.

We all, including Micah and grandma burst out laughing. Can't tell if it was intentional or not, but it was just too funny to try to analyze that moment.


A gift from God said...

By the way..it is Max Bday? and thank you for inviting me... I will confirm soon... need to check my limited weekend time... I have to teach on Saturday....

Oh... the way Max talks...mmm... like a 3 to 4 years old.... fantastic

hellagoodin said...

Haha you know what?

Just on Sunday I was thinking how Max is the more "malaysian" one (he was using "lahs"), while micah speaks with an american(?) accent.

Looking forward to playing with them this fri! See you:D

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

a gift from god,

think you got my contact from ann right? just let me know if you can make it. Do hope to get to meet up. :)

Makes can be a real copy cat and so can sound a lot like his older brother.



Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

I think Max is more influenced by his grandma than Micah. That's why he sounds more Malaysian. max also likes to use colloquial suffixes like -maa, -lah and -one.

Micah tends to talk more like the TV. He is fascinated by their expressions, especially the surprised-explosive kind. So we have him sounding like some character from PHDC or one of the cartoon movies.

Ann said...

if not one than two-loh! :)

Max is all malaysian and eats malaysian too!

So nice to see 2 diff characters blossoming from 2 kids in the same environment!

JLow said...

Same here, Caitlin has been picking up the "habits" from her grandparents too with the local colloquialism.

And like Gadget-daddy, I too tend to correct her when she does speak that way. I am aware, though, that this may be confusing her in terms of what is supposed to be the way to speak. So far she is just mixing both "habits" and being corrected without much fuss.

Sometimes she is the one telling Daddee "Don't say 'lah', Daddee!" Oops! :)

She obviously learnt this from Daddee; where she would actually then run around defiantly and loudly chanting "LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH LAH..."

She knows she is just asking for it! (a tickling punishment)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Max is really so so Malaysian. I guess it's because he is really not into TV so much, but loves to hang around people, any other adults around. Hence he speaks Ma-nglish.

His cutest is when he needs to pee he will run towards the toilet shouting, "Shee-shee! Fai-teet! Fai-teet! (faster, faster)" So funny.



Hey, you've given Daddy a new name, Gadget-daddy, and I like that reference. Thanks. Shall use that in future. :)

Yes, the kids also corrects us all the time. It shows how we are trying to do better and behave better for their sake. :)
That's a good thing.