Monday, 31 March 2008

Mommy's Day Out

I just got back from lunch with a dear friend. She's the one who taught me how to play the piano in school. :)

We ate at KimGary's in Midvalley and then walked around*. She was looking at buying a belt because her 14 month old boy broke two of her belts (It happens that her son likes to push himself up, stepping on the belt, when he is being carried. Broke his daddy's belt too!). So we walked around but she didn't buy a belt. Bought something else instead. So typical of us girls. ;)

Anyway, while on the way to meet her, after I had parked the car, I walked into the mall looking for the restaurant. I took a wrong turn.... Actually it was the correct turn but it was the wrong floor. I was suddenly panic stricken, can't find my way out and I didn't want to be late for our date. I was walking through underground food stretch heading towards the garden. I walked back all the way towards the escalator from the car park to start again and that was when I realised I was on the wrong floor.

It was also at this point of retracing my steps that I realised it's been ages since I walked the mall. It's really hard to go shopping with 2 boys who just want to run whenever they see wide open spaces. If we ever walk in a shopping mall, it'd be most likely into a restaurant and then walking out and back to the car. Occasionally we'd do some shopping, but it's the same: know where to get it, go get it, and then head back to the car. No more time to browse around, look at stuff just because they look interesting, or that it's a new shop, or check out a few shops and compare the prices and go for the best deal. It's now, "Oh, I can get it here, now, quick. Stay close to us, boys."

Well, grocery shopping is done with looking at catalogs for good deals and then go get it. Usually I go with grandma and we will take turn to push the trolley with the boys in it, of which we will hand out at the seafood section so they can see some live catfish as well as other stuff that will entertain them. Their bonus is when there are free sampling of food. They are actually not so interested in the food as the novelty of having them served in tiny cups and toothpicks. So fancy.

I think I am becoming more and more like a frog under the coconut shell (katak di bawah tempurung - Malay saying of one who has no knowledge beyond his familiar surroundings, a country bumpkin). My world really just revolves around the kids now...

...and must have to admit that I'm over the hill...

* I've actually never been the type to like hanging out at the malls. Usually if my friends and I do meet at the mall, I'd rather we just eat or get a drink and just sit and chat. Most appealing thing to do next is to hang out at a bookstore or the music store and talk some more. A lot of my Uni girl-friends from smaller town just don't get me, a girl who grew up in the city but is not attracted to the lights and like.

p/s- No photo to show. Obviously not the shopping mall type.


Ann said...

hahaha.....well....I never really used to like to hang on in the malls too! Usually it was McD for us else the park or pasar malam or people's houses!

When hubby and I were dating, there was no other place to go (hubby is not really the outdoor type!)and we ended up walking aimlessly, as we put it in the mall.

Floor after floor old wing and new wing 1U!

Moomykin said...


Waah! You must know 1U like the back of your hand, aye? Nest time if I am ever there and need to find something I will call you. :)

Walking aimlessly indeed, but at least it's air-conditioned and you don't have to worry about change of weather. :)

p/s- any change of hearing/reading your love story? ;)

Moomykin said...


Sorry, typo.

I mean "any chance of hearing/reading your love story."

Ann said...

My "Things as per normal" and "Finding, finding, found" article not counted ah?

Moomykin said...


Well, would like all the

How did you meet?
How did it start?

You know, that kind of Jane Austen style of story telling. :)