Saturday, 8 March 2008


Today: Polling/Election Day

Mike and his parents and brother went for theirs like at 10am and were glad it was a short line.

Mine is still listed at my mum's residential area, so I did mine in the afternoon. They boys and Daddy took the drive with me. Micah, not liking the idea of school at all, was quite upset that I had to go to school to do something he could not quite understand.

I told him, I am just going to take a paper and write something on it and then I'll come back...

Micah: Will it be fast?
Me: It depends if there is a lot of people or not. If there is a long queue then we'll have to wait.
Micah: Can I come with you?
Me: Sorry, no children allowed. This is only for adults. We are going to choose our leaders today.
Micah: No children?
Me: No children, sorry.

So they waited for me in the car, maybe just 5 minutes from the time I walked up the school gate till I knocked on the car's window.

Micah: So did you write something on the paper?
Me: Yes. Wasn't it fast? There was no queue at my designated station.

Then we went to Secret Recipe for cake. I wanted Tom Yam. Yeah, craving for hot and spicy and a pinch or sour for the taste buds.

After that, we stopped by for waffles on the way back. Quite a relaxing Saturday for us.
Now daddy and Grandpa are out cycling with the 2 boys. I had to do a bit of laundry then got to blog and maybe snooze...if there's still time.


U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, hey! When a woman has a 'craving', maybe some good news, *wink* coming in 8 months? Ha ha.
So, it's election time in Malaysia? Guess it'll be the usual party winning, I guess.
As I type this your time 1105pm Saturday night, we 10.05am Sat morning, we experiencing a snowstorm, and snow has been falling like crazy since last night. Today expected another 30cm of snow.
Already outside homes, its like living in valleys of mountains of snow beside from all the shovelling done by home owners. Everywhere is white, roofs, trees!
Today we housebound, snow too deep to drive or walk.
That's a good looking hubby you have, and nice kids too.
You know what food I miss....we do get everything you have in KL, but 'see hum' hardly, so I miss my see hum char kuey teow. Yesterday had Laksa at a Malaysian foodcourt.
Oh ya, we have shops selling belachan, chin char loke here too.
Okay, you have a good night, best regards, Lee.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Hi, uncle.

It's now almost 5am here, so it's 4pm where you are. I was tired so fell asleep early, then woke up bout 3am and did some ironing. Such is my life with kids and a few chores which I can only do in peace when they boys are asleep. day and night means different activities, including blogging and reading other people's blogs. :)

Hubby and I were friends in school. Just friends, very good friends, and we hung around a lot with a bunch of close-knit buddies. Then there was a stage of confusion where we could not quite define if we were just friends as there was something more. Then we took the leap and decided we would commit to spend the rest of our lives together.

So there was the long 8 years of courtship and now will come to our 7th anniversary this June.

That's some details on my love story.

U.Lee said...

Hello Kathie, thought I'll pop back reply your enquiry re adjust to life here.
Not much of a problem as we can get anything we want here.
We have relatives and friends who came to stay and believe it or not, all commented we here in Toronto have more stuff than in KL, as well in Malaysia certain foodstuffs are not displayed openly compared to here.
We have huge Chinese
supermarkets and there are a lot of Malaysian, Singapore foodstuffs selling, like Klang Bak kut teh, Nonya curry powder, belachan, you name it...also lots of that Ipoh Kopi puteh too.
My relative didn't know and brought some and was shocked to see the same stuff selling here, ha ha.
And Kathie, food is very cheap here.
Even with the exchange Mal Rgt 3.30 to $1 Cdn, we are so much cheaper than KL.
My relatives and friends couldn't believe their eyes seeing the prices.
My wife spends about $40 a week, every Friday or Saturday we do marketing, and we have about 8,9 big paper bags to carry, from different vegetables, kangkong, choy sum etc, to pork, chicken, fish, and lots of fruits etc.
Kathie, thought you might like to know this...if you have kids below 12, each kid gets between $100 to $200 a month 'milk money' from the government, subject to parents earnings, but still get money.
All medical, operations, hospitalisation, giving birth etc are free, and in hospitals that look like hotels with the best doctors too.
My wife's ladyfriend only last week went for a major tummy operation, all free.
Schooling and books are free, books till high school.
Daycare is govt subsidised, maybe pay $5.00.
And EVERYONE gets a pension here. There's Canada old age pension, Canada pension as well pension supplement.
My aunty and uncle in Vancouver EACH receiving $800 a MONTH! (Rgt 2600 a month!) again subject to what their children earning. My wife will receive three pensions, from her employment and govt.
I just started receiving my pension only last week.
Now ada kopi money to spend. Thinking of changing my present old Jurassic computer to the latest apple Imac 24 inch computer, ha ha.
Where we live Scarborough, you see more Chinese than orang putehs. As well another Municipality Markham. Scarborough is like Ipoh, ha ha.
And recently we had local elections and we voted for one fellow, for Toronto City Councillor, not knowing who he is, thinking HK guy...AND? The fellow from Penang! Ha ha.
He even presented me a beautiful birthday card can see it in my previous posting, "Conclusion of Faded letter" three weeks ago...even received a birthday card from the PM. My wife discreetly phoned our MP's office informed them my 65th birthday, and thus I received three VIP cards. That P enang fellow, he came over personally to give to me. We had coffee and chit chat of old times.
There are a lot of Malaysians, Singaporeans here....we have a big gang here, and almost every month someone will throw a potluck dinner party, so we all get together have fun.
And practically all the Malaysian wives can cook, they cook the dishes from whatever State they came from.
Right now, I have two neices, both about 34, with kids already applied for Canadian PR, as well another lady friend with two kids.
They have all visited here and love what they see, especially for their children's future, and they also frightened of the crime rate in KL.
We do have crime, but not like in KL.
Call the cops, or fire or ambulance, they WILL ARRIVE your place within 3 to 5 minutes.
If one cannot speak English, just dial 911, and within 5 minutes, a police car, a truma unit, and an ambulance with sirens blasting away will arrive.
For your info, Canada has been voted 6 times by United Nation as the best country in the world to live. There were twice we lost to 2nd place...lost to Sweden or Switzerland.
Okay, the BIG question...what about the winter and cold? Right now I'm wearing shorts and t-shirt, my wife too. Outside snowing, temp is -8'c! All homes have central warm air heaters thus homes are warm.
Kathie, we are Canadians and very proud to be one too. And we love Canada.
Been here 21 years already.
Okay, got to go out clear the snow from my car, Lee.

Angelia said...

hi :) It was amazing watching the results roll in :)

I took the kids with us and they were good boys (but the older two are older). We just told them that we have to be quiet here, and we are going to choose our leaders. They are very curious! K just saw it as a reason to hang out with daddy hehehee

Congrats on the next "M" child hehe hoping it's a girl for your sake :D

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Thanks for sharing very interesting info about being in Canada. I have an aunt in Calgary who comes back occasionally. She too loves it there.

It sounds lovely where you are. I am glad you are very happy there. And congratulations again on your pension and your VIP birthday cards. Waah! So impressive! Also a nice surprise that your MP was from Penang. Malaysians sure can do well anywhere in the world. :)




Hi! Thanks for dropping in.

Yeah, quite exciting now that there is a new "balance" in our government. Praying hard for a better Malaysia.

Glad your boys got a "sneak peek" at what they would be doing as an adult. I actually followed my parents before too, when I was maybe 11 or 12, and I had my "sneak peek" then.

Ann said... had to eat some of your tom yam first than only take the photo ya!

Ooohhh....Micah and school doesn't seem that positive!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Yeah, Micah still finds school a scary thing. So maybe putting him in and Max at the same time may be good...

I actually forgot to take a photo of the noodle first, but passes it to Mike to have the first bite, plus a prawn. Then when he gave it back to me I remembered I wanted to post on my blog what my craving tummy had. Lol.

Peter said...

Hi Kin, we have a confession to make: we didn't vote in secrecy. This is because we brought our 2 kids with us into the polling station who saw which party we voted! There was no problem at all and although we had told our girl that we were choosing our leaders on that day, she was still full of questions like "You use this paper to choose the leaders ah?", "Why the papers got 2 colours one?", "Why must you put the paper in the box?" and "Mommy, see this paper (pointing to the transparent ballet box), it is not folded. Can see what they mark hor..." So, you can imagine how we went, "Shhh... shhh... Sheanen, you must talk softly here." Thankfully, we were not reprimanded. The polling agents were simply amused by the inquisitive girl.