Monday, 10 March 2008

Cronic Cravings

The crazy thing about cravings is that you want the normal things at the oddest hours.

Where do you get tau foo fah or loh-mai kai at 4pm?

Where do you get a slice of fruity fresh-creamed cake in the middle of the night?

How to get your mother's fried bee-hoon when she's in Hong Kong for a week?

I feel like I want more and more of tom yam...

Nasi lemak is always welcome.

Other times I just think of KFC and the coleslaw.

My babies are all so Malaysian in taste.

There are already a few times after a meal I feel like I'm full but not satisfied.




hissychick said...

If only I knew what half of these dishes were!

I craved fairly simple stuff with my two girls. In the beginning it was things like mandarines, salmon,ginger beer but by the end of both pregnancies it was always curry, noodle soups and vanilla icecream. And chocolate. Always chocolate!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Oh, I remember reading before that Chocolate is good for happy babies.:)

Yeah, these dishes are very Malaysian.

Tou fu fah is a soy bean dessert, warm and sweet, normally purchased from a morning market, unless you find them certain shopping malls, then you get them all day long.

Loh mai kai is sticky rice steamed with chicken, mushroom and little bit of pork in a small rice bowl. Mostly get them in a coffee shop (local version of your cafe/deli) in the morning or night. You can get it in Hong Kong restaurants where you get dim sum.

Bee hoon, is basically fine rice noodle. My mum has her style of frying it, although you can get fried bee-hoon in a lot of shops. Just different with a mom's touch. ;)

Tom Yam is a sourish spicy soup with noodle in it.

Nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut milk, normally served with fresh cucumber, hard boiled egg,peanut and anchovies and chilly paste.

Can actually google to see how they look like. ;)


A gift from God said...

Wow...I thought most of the time...pregnant mummies will only crave for one or two things..haha.. mmmm... how about stock up your fridge with these stuff? at least for the day... whenever you want's available!!!

Ann said...

I was half debating if I should mention this old wives tale....they say that if you crave salty and sour and spicy stuff, you are carrying a boy. And if you crave sweet stuff, you are carrying a girl!

We will just have to see how true that is!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

a gift from god,

I wish I could do the stocking up, but the last time I tried I ended up throwing some food stuff away, which I don't like to do - waste food.

Sometimes I am like walking in and out of the kitchen, wanting something but don't know what. That is quite frustrating. Hahaha...



It's hard to say: cravings = gender of baby? I heard that one before too, but there's no guarantee.

Sometimes I think the boys is just in need of something cooling and refreshing. When I was carrying Max I wanted a lot of jelly. We all thought it'd be a girl, but of course we now know it's not.