Tuesday, 25 March 2008

"My Favourite"

These are some of Max's favourite phrases:

1. My Favourite

I don't know exactly where he picked this up from, but for certain it's from TV, PHDC.
So often when we are watching a familiar music VCD, he'd start stating, "This, my favourite." and it's not just one but a few of the songs which he really likes. He'd also point out, "This, Mommy's favourite?" To which Mommy will say "Yes".
Sometimes he'll say that about food, "My favourite. Black noodle."

Drinks, "My favourite. Strawberry milkshake."

Snack, "My favourite. Cheese snails." (Cut up strips of slice cheese and roll it up.)

Cartoon character, "My favourite, (Lightning) McQueen*." (He actually says it as my-queen, which makes him sound so adorable, and sometimes we the adults around him forget ourselves and follows him, saying the "wrong" thing.)
Dessert, "My favourite. Ice-cream!"

Sometimes, when he is simply happy about what's given, or what we are doing, he will just declare that that is his favourite.

2. Don't Know

Whenever we try to quiz him about something, more like drilling and grilling I feel at times, his first answer would be, "Don't know". Then he'll give you the expected answer if you wait just over a second. So if you ask him,
What color is your dog?What car does Daddy drive?
What animal starts with 'A'?
How old are you?
To these, his first answer would be "Don't know" which comes with a cheeky smile.

Other phrases he uses more than 3 times a day:

carry me
what is it?which one?
carry me!
mah-mah (grandma) where?
koh-koh (older brother) where?
daddy (at) work?
carry (me)!
nan-nan now. (want to nurse)
you mean now?
MyQueen where?
Carry me! Carry me!

* This post was actually inspired by Max's favourite MyQueen. His favourite is the one you saw above. It was one of the collectibles we got from McDonald's when they had the Cars promotion about 2 years back. He has held the car so often that most of the paint had come off.


pepperboy said...

Hehehe, your boys are so cute. Can't believe Max is talking so much now!

Ann said...

hahaha....have to go thru your blog and see what your boys are into now! Can't wait to play with them and you can hold boyboy ya!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Max can be so chatty sometimes and he will start yelling and calling for your attention if you do not respond.

In a car's journey especially, he can keep talking about the same things over and over again.

Can be quite entertaining.



Yeah, really looking forward to that party. :)

Daddy's handling the logistics, so I may be surprised myself. Hahaha...

A gift from God said...

Wah... Max is really something huh? in fact if i remembered correctly...Micah also started talking very early right? gosh... It's so entertaining when they can converse with you... can't wait for Reese to do so...

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

a gift from god,

Max is more at a natural pace, I think. Micah was really fast. we were all impressed and Mommy was a little nervous - about what would be expected of him and her - but we basically were entertained.

Since Max started talking about 22 months old, he's caught on in leaps and bounds. He is now attempting to sing. Still working on it. :)

Yeah, it is really fun and baffling too when you start talking to your toddler. He really surprises you with their perspectives. Thrilling and refreshing!