Friday, 28 March 2008

Mrs. Gadget-daddy

Many assume that I am techie because I have a blog... But mostly because I am Mrs. Gadget-daddy.

It's the same how others think I must play some musical instrument because Gadget-daddy is pretty musically inclined and can pick up playing an instrument quite well and quite fast. Well, in my schooling days there was a few good friends of mine, but one in particular, who would sit with me and teach me how to play a few songs on the piano with chords. We used the old piano in the school's chapel. She was a very good teacher and I soon could play some songs on my own, reading the chords off the song books. Still, just slow songs as my fingers were rather stiff.

Getting back on the techie bit...

I attended some computer classes in school (Lynn was my partner for one of the terms, I remember), and my dad brought back this old second hand thing for us to mess around with, but mostly for my brothers to play some games on it... (what was that?.. 'Moon- something' ...and my brother in Penang and I got it: Moon Patrol and Taipan.)

Then for the next 7 years my life had nothing to do with a computer of any sort. Not one that I operated anyway, if you don't include the microwave oven.

When I went into University, I suddenly found myself in a fix. I have no computer and I don't know how to work one and I can't type properly on a typewriter for the life of me, and assignments were coming in like tidal waves and I was about to get sunk. So I had to get help -
Gadget-daddy to the rescue!

At that time were were just very good friends. We had always hung out with a bunch of close-knit friends and never thought of anything beyond good friendships. So came was those late night with my clacking on the key-board, me really like the chicken pecking away one key at a time, and he trying to let me do my work. Alas my pathetic composure with his user-friendly machine got the better of him. It must have been nerve-wrecking for him to see his wonderful machine not performing as she should under my fingertips. He sat with me many nights typing my assignments while I dictated them. Then I'd point out what I wanted underlined, highlighted, in bold, in italics. Yeah, so SO pathetic.

Well, after two semesters of such stressful sleepless nights, you'd think my good friend had had enough and would pretend to be busy and run away from me...but surprise surprise (or not), we fell in love instead.

That was it. Courted and engaged for 8 years (wedding put off a couple of times for one reason or another) and now, come this June it'll be our 7th anniversary.

Thanks to this user-friendly cute little computer (u-fclc), ...

... used by the most non-computer friendly user.
That's our techie-non-techie love story.

The following year, Gadget-daddy went away for 6 weeks to the interior of Sabah and I had to babysit the u-fclc. That was when I took the courage to explore manipulating text and also improved my typing skill.

The when he left for UK to finish his studies, he got me registered on icq and we chatted online every night and morning for 9 months. Again, I was incidentally cool and high-tech. Lol.

Then he did a one year stint in US and we were again on e-mails, skype and by this time, he could afford to call on the phone too.

So here we are now, with 2 pretty techie boys who love to watch Youtube everyday.
Demands for trains, race cars, chicken little, gummy bears, more cars, more trains, train cashes, funny sleepy animals, Thomas and Friends, so many. I have now put Micah on a Youtube ration: only allowed to watch Youtube once a day, and that is with my supervision and until I am tired or bored of it.

But technology is really their future. I am sure they'll be showing me more stuff that I can do through the internet and with a computer than I could ever imagine...when they are like 10 years old.

p/s - This post came about because Gadget-daddy finally helped me pull out an old photo to update my photo on the blog. Even he had a hard time trying to locate and import this photo I specifically wanted ...but then of course it was at 2am when we were fiddling with this thing.


Peter said...

Hey, I remember those days... well, how time flies! How strange to know that God can even use the computer to draw you both together. Am surprised to see u-fclc still around. Yes, I remember him too. Thanks for the memories!

Moomykin said...


Hey! So glad you dropped by!

Yes, those were the days and we always remember you also with fond memories. :) I also remember the many nights we three chatted till almost sunrise!

Yes, that u-fclc is a decorative item now. Hahaha... It still works actually, but way too slow for us. Maybe will get some games for the boys or me to play on it.

Hope to hear from you more.
Any thoughts of starting your own blog?

Our Jouneys.... said...

hehe...u have certainly improved alot technically...i have my story too...see my bloglah...

U.Lee said...

Hi Kathie, I too couldn't type for nuts, as always had secretaries. Also even though I was a Systems Analyst on IBM Main frame 360/20 computers, wayyyyy back in the 60's, I never touched a pc since then till 14 years ago my friend bought a new one gave me his old one to fool around.
After numerous crashes, blackouts, trial and error, boleh jalan, ha ha.
Of course learned emails first.
Discovered blogs only in October 2006 by chance when I popped into the Star on Line in KL, noticed the word 'blog'..kaypoh in and read a few blogs, the rest is history, ha ha.
Wow, your boys sure are good with the computer.
And your handsome hubby? You sure got one wonderful guy there. Hold on tight to him, Kathie. Guys like him don't grow on trees.
You stay cool, Lee.

Moomykin said...

our journeys...

You do remember those days, eh?
So kesian. hahaha...

Yeah, I just read your blog. :)



I always am impressed by senior citizens (ahem. You are drawing a pension *wink*) who pick up technology-base skills like these and I mus say you guys are the coolest!!

One of my church pastors is in his 70s and his sermons are on powerpoint! Really salute him. He puts all the younger men to shame.
And I'm the pot calling the kettle black. Eeeps!

p/s- Yes, hubby is very handsome. A plus factor for me. :D I've always been more interested in the person, the heart, but not really concern about the looks, so his good looks is a plus for me. You're right: Good guy with good looks don't grow on trees.:)
Yes, the boys are really amazing. Micah can use the mouse and do wonders with just a click. Max has yet to figure that out so he orders his brother around sometimes. :P

Ann said...

hahaha.....remember those times when ICQ was one fo the ways to meet guys....and I know many a person who has married the ICQ guy they incidentally met!

But what a patient man your hubby was to have gone through night after night with you. How not to fall in love like that....the many hours you all spend together!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, icq is like such an old thing now. My pastor's daughter actually met her husband on the icq! But they are quite mature people, as in in they were their 30s when they met.

Yeah, Gadget-daddy has been the best computer teacher for this not-computer friendly user. Hahaha...

It figures why there is not much change in how my blog looks. hahaha... But I like it this way still.... until whenever..

JLow said...

My goodness! That's a photo of the first colour Apple Mac! (I know cos I was casual-working in the campus computer shop during uni)

I think kids will pick up anything they see around the place. My 3yr old Caitlin, whenever she gets the chance, will get on my laptop and type away too- I have sometimes started the notepad and let her type away. She's also used to play with an old broken-down Nokia pretending to talk on the phone with her real-life friend, before she turned 3.

I think it was in a future-tech-related speech when I heard the presenter say "if you ask young people today what they think of all these new technologies, they are likely to respond: What new technology?"

New to you and I, maybe!

Closet Apple fan

A gift from God said...

Ah...beautiful love story...and yes... technology can really bring lovers together... wait till you read about my love story...hehe.. Oh...mac .. never really use it until hubby decided to get an IMac.. I actually like it..

Moomykin said...


Gadget-daddy has always been an apple fan. Not much of the real fruit, though. He's not exactly a fruit person. so he's very happy with what we have on our work-table at home now.

Yeah, that 1st color mac was his first computer and he's very sentimental about it. :)

Kids are just so adaptable. We are just hardened by time and experiences in life. Skepticism put a real reign on a lot of us. Maybe for the, since "everything" is new then nothing is new...(?)


a gift from god,

Looking forward to hear/read your love story. ;) I've always love love stories, be it soppy or comic.

mumsgather said...

Haha. What a sweet love story leading to two wonderful gadget boys. :)