Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hide and Peek

Micah invented a new game while playing with Daddy.

They were rough housing for a while, throwing all the pillows and soft toys at each other and all over the room. Finally Daddy "surrendered" and just lay on the mattress on the floor.
Micah started piling all the pillows and teddies on him.
Max decided it was nicer to snuggle beside Daddy and get covered under the pillows too. Then he called Mommy to join him under the "covers". Finally Micah wanted to get in with us too.

Micah: Come, lets do this. Lets do Hide and Peek.
Daddy: Hide and Peek?
Micah: Yeah everyone hide and then peek.

So the aim of the game if to see who catches who peeking first.

Not a bad game for toddlers. After a few rounds we got them to brush their teeth. Both boys wanted Daddy to brush for them, so Mommy get a break - and so glad for the break too. (Max has been battling teeth-brushing for the last two weeks.)

Then Daddy went downstairs to do some work.

Micah requested to watch the last 5 minutes of the Bee Movie (like for 4 times) while he had his night cap and Max his nan-nan.

Mommy fell asleep with the boys and then woke up because of pins and needles on the left hand.

Now to head for the ironing board...


A gift from God said...

mmmm.... It's really nice the way the whole family play...the more the merrier huh? mmmm... now that will start me thinking of number two... :) but......

Ann said...

FLORENCE !!!! :)

But I must agree, it is nice when the whole family plays together!

Ironing? Why didn't you just go back to sleep? haha....guess when sleeping boys lie, that is the best time for mummy to do some housework! I think you deserve an award!

mumsgather said...

Hide and peek. Haha. I wanna play too. Any game the whole family plays together is always a nice game. :)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

a gift from god,

Yeah, it's really fun when Daddy gets in the game too. Not so much pressure on me to be fully enthusiastic and can enjoy watching them play as well. It's really a sight to behold when all the guys are just going "crazy" all in a bundle, with pillows and all.

Hmm... good time to start for No.2? Not too big a gap by the time the second arrives. :)



Just wait till your boy can start playing and you'll see how much they need another sibling to enrich their lives! Also so that you don't have to play with them ALL the time. Hahaha...

I had wanted to do the ironing earlier but got caught playing and watching the boys play, s I had to go back to "work". Daddy needed certain shirts due to some meetings the next 2 days, so...



Hide and peek is really great, especially when the boys squeal and giggle when you "sneak" out of the pillow and say "I see you!" It's like tag plus a peek-a-boo.

But I guess it's more fun because of the spontaneity; the kids came up with it and not like we instructed them how to play.