Friday, 28 March 2008

New Me

Got a new me on "my photo".

This was actually taken in Oct-Nov 2004, when Micah was just a few months old. Gadget-daddy left us at Starbucks downtown while he ran an errand in the next building. A baby book and hot chocolate kept us happy for almost an hour before Gadget-daddy came back for us.

So this is how I am usually while blogging - with a cup of hot chocolatey-malt drink and my mind preoccupied with the boys.


Ann said...

oooohhhhhhh.....the Starbucks drink looks good!!! All the goodness of chocolate and milk!

I think I need a sugar fix now!

Moomykin said...


Good morning.

Yeah, that's one of the best hot chocolate in town.

And that's one of our favourite baby book. :)