Monday, 24 March 2008

Daddy's Boy

He has his daddy's inclination towards technology and modern gadgets.

It's like a skill that comes so naturally to him. Daddy set the camera up on to the tripod and showed him how to set the timer. Since then Micah has been experimenting with taking shots of himself, the furniture and other people around him. In fact, he was the one who showed me how to set the timer on. I didn't even know because I just have not thought of doing so.

There are actually quite a few that he took with no interference from any adults because sometimes Mommy was just too busy blogging and he amused himself. At other times, all the other adults were too busy doing something else and Mommy was with Max, so Micah had his freedom with the camera. Apart from some shots which I told him where to sit so that he'd appear in the middle of the picture and not at the side, he basically handled the camera all on his own.

These are some of the self portraits he had taken over a few days.

These are the family shots he took with his brother and parents.

He took a few with the puppy his aunt brought back about a month back.

He even took one with our visitors, Mummy-yeoh and Sara when they visited us last Friday.

So apart from trying to whistle, this is what Micah has been up to.



Ann said... adorable!

These kids pick up anything!!! When we were kids we never were allowed to touch anything device-able!

Maybe can bring out the photographer in him!

mumsgather said...

Oh! This looks like such a fun activity for a kid. Letting them take their own photos. :)

JLow said...

That's just pure genius!

There's nothing like kids learning how to use tools so properly (instead of abusing them, or worse- dropping them!) that we have the full confidence to let them handle them solely!

I bet gadget-Daddy would be so proud! ;)

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


I know what you mean by not allowed to touch anything when we were kids. We do take costly (money wise) risks with the kids, like our PSP case. But we know that that's pretty much their future.

I remembered my older sister and her best friend in school would talk on the phone when she was only 6 and my uncles thought that was so grand of her since many relatives of ours did not even know how to pick up the phone to make a call.

Now it's the same with the boys: the grandparents are also clueless about many things, i.e. the internet for example, that they boys are so into now, i.e. searching for all kinds of video to watch on Youtube for one. Hahaha...


Hi. Thanks for dropping by.

Micah loves doing new stuff, so I am glad we got the Olympus M795SW. It was my Christmas present from Daddy.

This camera is shock proof and water proof. It had already been dropped a few times by our younger boy. And yes, I think he spilled some water on it once too.:P

p/s- will peek at your site a little later.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...


Yes, Daddy was beaming when he saw the shots and said, "Not bad." Gadget-Daddy loves getting his boys all the high tech stuff and Mommy has to learn on the spot too.

Micah is at the age where he wants to be more constructive, i.e. building blocks, etc., but it's very frustrating for him when his younger bro wants to mess things up because he things throwing "confetti" (anything really) and yelling "surprise" is really fun. Poor koh-koh....

A gift from God said...

Ah... This is really cute...and he is smart too... Soon you will have someone take professional pictures for you and hubby....

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

a gift from god,

Yes, Micah picks up things pretty fast if he is interested. If not you can coax until the cows come home and he'll still sit and tell you, "You do it." Clever but not always cooperative.

Yes, I can just imagine he'll be the one with the camera on our holidays.