Monday, 12 May 2008

Back, Busied and Sighs..

So we are back....
But Gadget Daddy leaves tomorrow evening for Jakarta for the whole week.


This was the reason he left this job earlier, because he was traveling too much. Then he took the last appointment which was just as bad, if not worse, with crazy working hours, until I had to e-mail and SMS him that I hated the fact that we hardly had time to talk and his boys have no father except on weekends. Now he is back at the old job and starting to travel again.


I know some women can live like this, but I really don't know how. After all these years I still have separation anxieties when he has to travel. (Hahaha... now you know why my boys also feel anxious about separating from Mommy for school etc.)

My only consolation is that my sister from Singapore is still around this week and she and her kids will keep me busy enough. :)

Anyway, Since we got back this evening about 5pm, I have mopped the room, changed the bedsheets, done 3 rounds of laundry and unpacked all the foodstuff from the supplies basket.

We had out Mothers Day dinner, my mom and the rest of my siblings visited (plus the 2 kiddos), I gave the two grandmas a gift, and managed to chat a little with my sisters. Oh, also passed some Penang famous Tao-sar-peah (round biscuit with bean stuffings) from my brother to my mom and my sis.

Ok. Will put up pictures and more stories of our nice little get-away... Tomorrow.
Sorry, later today. :)


mumsgather said...

Oh, no I wouldn't be able to handle all the travelling and separation anxieties too.

Angelia said...

HUGS poor you. Hubby doesnt travel as much so I guess its hard to say but Im used to him being so busy, that blur saja LOL at least I get the bed to myself and no snoring HAHAHA

weekends are the hardest but with him working weekends lately, I dunno if Im just used to it LOL

u hang in there love, you can do it :)

Ann said...

Glad you had a good trip and everything (chores, that is) is more or less done.

looking forward to your photos...

As for Gadget daddy...i think I will not be able to do it as well...hopefully the weekends will always be family only!

hissychick said...

welcome back :)

I used to hate it when toddlerdaddy travelled as well. I think he was away every single week for at least one night for the first six months of A's life. That's why he is currently working in a non travelling role..

Moomykin said...

Thank you, all you Mummies, for sympathizing.

Hope you all had a good Mothers day.


You are amazing. All the things you do at home with your 3 boys, and also for the community - Amazing!

Now to get to posting my pictures. :)

Angelia said...

no-lah Kin, make me shy only!!

I just wanna say that I think mumms will also manage somehow cos we hold the world in our hands, wombs and hearts :) Sappy perhaps but good.