Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I Made You Proud?

I can't remember how this came about (as usual, I am constantly bombarded by my kids' eloquence), but a few nights ago, maybe last week, Micah said this:

Mom, did I make you proud today?

This was after he helped me pick up scattered folded laundry all over the room.

I have this problem where I can't keep my boys from thinking that clean folded laundry in a stack is meant to be pretend confetti, especially in Max's imagination. So that was what happened: I had folded almost all the clothes to be folded when both boys came charging into the room. The were just talking at first, then the "surprise!" followed with the raining of the clothes.

Of course I scolded and tried to gather as much of what's not been strewn across the room. That day, Micah also scolded Max and helped me gather the laundry.

A couple of hours later, while settling them into bed, Micah asked me, "Mom, did I make you proud today?"

I thought of all the things he did for the day and he was pretty helpful in someways.
I also thought of Max and how cute he was and how well he was growing.

"Yes, Micah. You made me really proud of you today. Max too."
"But Max was naughty. He messed up your clothes."
"Yes he did.(I actually forgot he did). But I am still proud of both boys."

Soon both boys were fast asleep and Mommy is left musing and keeping such incidents in her heart.

Yes, they make me proud.


Ann said...

Awwww.....so sweet !!!

He is grown up enough to want recognition for his efforts perhaps?

hehe....can get him to do more stuff to make MUMMY PROUD-er!

hissychick said...

So gorgeous.

I am having "issues" with A's behaviour post ear infection and it's these types of moments thats stop me from lsting her on ebay!!

Moomykin said...


Good idea. :)

Micah has alway been ahead of his age. Mature in some ways but emotionally super sensitive. That's the area I sometimes feel I need professional help with. Seriously.



Oh, you are so funny and witty!

I will pray for her "issue" to pass quickly so that things would be brighter at home.

JLow said...

That's just great! That he even knows the concept!

Kids today do seem to grow a lot quicker. I don't recall personally being so advanced in my own thinking; maybe I am just slow (note the present tense!)

Caitlin has also demonstrated "interesting" thinking, as with the lego blocks incident. Just under a week ago, without being prompted or apparently taught at school, she's started making her own bed after waking.

Caleb, at just under 4 months, is starting to "keep his legs strengthened-straight" (I don't wanna use "standing" cos, well, it isn't) and can bear some of his own weight while being held up at the underarms.

Must be something in the water...

Moomykin said...


I know what you mean. I believe it's the "evolution" of the human brain. Every generation gets "smarter" because of the change in the environment we grow up in.

Now with all the technology and language our kids are exposed to, they are just totally amazing.

If there was any bright idea or revelation I had as a kid, I never even knew how to express that, that's for sure. :P