Friday, 2 May 2008

Better Today

I took time off from sitting in front of the computer to recover from my flu and fever.

The boys are also doing better today, but Max still has borderline fever now and then. He also coughs in his sleep still, while Micah's running nose is still drippy (watery kind of mucus). Tomorrow is suppose to be a big deal - my sister's son's 1st birthday celebration. They are coming up from Singapore to do it here as all the other relatives, both grandmas and all the uncles and aunts and cousins are in KL.

Yesterday, since it was a public holiday, we just stayed home and rested, with Gadget-daddy helping to keep an eye on the boys while I slept for quite a few hours in the day. It was really good for my recovery.

Before my nap, we were playing downstairs and then I came up and Micah followed. After that I heard Max talking to his Daddy: You pick this up, ok? I'm going upstairs.

I laughed in the room. Earlier, he and Micah had poured out two box loads of toys and they had bulldozed over them with their monster trucks. Now he was planning a quick get-away and instructing his father to pick up after him. Are these guys so ingenious or what?

So I went down, whispered to Gadget-daddy what I over heard and we both laughed quietly between ourselves and then we got Max to clean up with us. Then we all went up to play in the room. After a while, I was knocked-out again with the medication and Gadget-daddy handled the boys till they napped.

Today, we took our time at home and had an easy morning. The we took the boys to have their hair cut. Now both are having their nap, and I'm gonna take one too. Yeah, just finishing our medication and hope all will be much better by tomorrow. It'll be a miracle to be completely well.


Maiasaurus Rex said...

GOOD GRIEF. Does little Teh look just like his dad or wot??? Get better soon, woman. And it's not the flu. Probably a cold. The difference between a flu and a fever/cold, as a professor in general practice explained, is... if you had a cold and saw a £100 note lying in your garden, you'd go and pick it up. If you had the flu, you really wouldn't be bothered. (But then again, he probably hadn't taken the tenacity of the Chinese where money is concerned...)

U.Lee said...

Hi mommy on call, hope you feeling better now?
Love your pics of your kids.
You stay easy and have a good weekend, Lee.

Angelia said...

awww HUGS hope u feel better soon hun..

Moomykin said...

maiyasaurus rex,

I have said this before: It does not matter who is carrying the boy standing beside the dad, everyone will know that is his dad.

Yes, yes, it's the cold and flu - body ache all over, especially the back and major joints.

£100: I think here even the handicap will dive from their wheelchair to get it! Considering the exchange rate!

Moomykin said...


We are all much better except for my second son. He is having a real hard time with blocked nose and a borderline fever in the mornings.

p/s- I post pictures of my kids coz it's pretty much an archive for them to refer to in future. But the little boy in red here is my nephew.

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Well, still got running nose and cough, but at least I am done with the fever, and Micah is almost all OK too.

Only Max is still keeping us on our toes, monitoring his temperature and keeping us up at night with his blocked nose. Sigh... Just waiting for this bug to clear.

Ann said...

Looks liek Arpil hit a few people pretty bad on sickness...

We all have our months I guess..
Hope you are all pink now!

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Not quite pink yet, but slowly getting there. :)

At least we are all done feeling awful and drugging ourselves.