Saturday, 3 May 2008

What I REALLY Want To Do On Mothers Day

Got tagged by Mumsgather some time back, but was not feeling up to it as we were all sick for about a whole week. Sorry, it's late, but not too late. :)

This year we will be away on Mothers Day. So I won't get to have the usual Mother's day dinner with my mom on the Saturday before the Sunday, which we have dinner with my new family.

Ok, What I REALLY want for Mothers Day this year....

What I REALLY want is a day of no fighting between the boys.
If only they could be as loving the WHOLE day as when they wake up in the morning,
the whole of Mothers Day would be sweet.

What I REALLY want is a day where I don't have to repeat myself to the boys so many times until I end up yelling at them just to so something as easy as to put on their clothes after they shower, or to put away their toys.

What I REALLY want is a day where the boys and I can all be in some kind of a mental-emotional sync, that we will enjoy doing all the things together with the same enthusiasm, i.e. painting, reading, EATING well, sleeping, doing some hand crafts, playing with their toys.

What I REALLY want for Mothers Day is a day I will feel it has been most positive and productive and I have not a shadow of doubt nor a hint of stress that it's the best thing to be
- A Mother.


What's going to happen for Mother's Day this year, is that we'd be travelling back from Penang after a weekend of meeting more new relatives*. But of course, no one goes to Penang without going to the beach.

So I am looking forward to Mothers Day this year,
for a day at the sea with the boys,
building sand castle, splashing in the sea, picking sea shells, drinking coconut water,
laughing, giggling and squealing with delight.

It's just a week to go. :)

* We are going up to Penang to have a dinner with my brother-in-law's in-laws.


hissychick said...

I am hearing you!

This mother's day I would also like for my girls to go to bed for the night quickly and without fuss for a change.

Oh for some quiet time....

Ann said...

Ohh....the things you wished for on mother's will get one day when your boys are a bit older! Maybe can hint to gadget daddy one day on monther's day to get the boys to serve you bfast in bed! That isprovided you SLEEP IN!! hahaha...

But enjoy each day and each year's Mothers' Day....coz time left can never return!

Moomykin said...


Oh, I do hope you get some quiet time.

get mr.hissychick to take both girls out for an hour or so (just go to the park or have ice-cream in a near-by cafe) so that maybe you could nap or read something you like with no interruptions. :)

Moomykin said...


I think every year we will be wanting something different according to what we miss as a non-single-and-free person, based on what our children are stressing and harassing us with. hahaha...
Such is mankind. Never satisfied.

mumsgather said...

Enjoy your day of fun in the sun. Happy Mother's Day to you!