Monday, 12 May 2008

Hello Penang, Bye-bye Penang

We started our journey up north about 11am, after my FIL and BIL sent the dogs to the kennels.

On our way, before we hit the highway, we did one thing we had always wanted to do:
Joined the tourist at the King's Palace.

Then we started on our way and Gadget-daddy decided to have lunch at Bidor, the ever-famous Pun Chun restaurant with it's Wan-ton noodles.

A little after the lunch stop, the kids fell asleep in the car. Then, Uh-O, busted air-con made us travel the rest of the way with the front windows wound down. Still, it was not too bad. Thank God it was cloudy and not too hot. And thank God it did not rain either, or that would have been a real problem*.

The boys woke from their nap as we neared Penang. The next touristy thing we did: Ferry ride!
It's Micah's second time (his first time was about a month before Max arrived, so that's more than 2 years ago) and Max's first time on the ferry.

Checked into our hotel (this is the view from our room).

The next day after Gadget-daddy got the air-con fixed, we went to the beach.

Micah loved the sea.

Max was a lot more wary, but we had fun building a barrier for him to keep the waves off his feet. (Quite a construction with just a couple of ladles. :))
He also did not like the fact that his clothes got wet and stuck to his skin. Funny boy.

Then, that night, The purpose of our trip:
Wedding dinner
(Photos taken by Micah as I was taking care of Max and Gadget-daddy was one of the official camera man. Pretty good shots, eh?)

Before leaving the Island, we had one last call to make: visited brother and wife in their new home (they actually moved 2 years ago and we only now we could visit).

We did not stop on the way back as the boys fell asleep before we hit Taiping (one of our options for lunch) and did not wake up till we were at the Duta toll. So, apart from a couple of toilet breaks, we drove straight and got home by 5pm.

Home sweet home.

*I drove my dad's old Mazda for a while. It's engine was old and would overheat if you're caught in traffic with the air-con on. So we ended up driving with the windows down and no air-con. You can imagine, in our weather these days, how much like an oven it felt like in the car. When it rains the front windshield would fog up and you'll have to constantly wipe off the vapors from inside. Very dangerous to drive in that condition.
Funny thing was I was driving this car until the time I was carrying Micah, and didn't know I was pregnant, and I was wondering why it suddenly became so unbearable to drive that car. My mum sold the car off a few months after Micah arrived.


JLow said...

You know, Moomykin, I have always been very envious of your kids.

At such young age, already they have experienced so much of the natural surrounds: bugs, beach, ferries, pets, fishies, etc.

I haven't even had the chance to show Caitlin the beach/sea, nor have we had the chance to bring her to the zoo. The closest is the shopping centre pet store, and the butterfly farm for your b'day...

sigh... gotta endevour to show her more....

Maiasaurus Rex said...

Wah, chabor, luckily for me you didn't put up any photos of Penang food. Habislah gua... drooool...

A gift from God said...

mmmm.... looks like a nice short getaway!! Glad it was fun.

Moomykin said...


You know these are the things we need to make time for. Seriously.

It's this age where some things will be set in stone in their memory, and I think we need to do that for them, to enjoy and appreciate nature, so they will be better care-givers to this earth in future.

How about we call you guys out the next time we plan a trip to the sea? Melaka? Can make a day trip. :)

Don't mean to sound naggy, but oh, Just do it!

The next on my checklist is to take the boys to Gentings, more to experience the cable-car ride and also the cold. :)

Moomykin said...

maiasaurus rex,

Well, this time round we did not do any of those drooly Penang food as we were a little stressed by the need to fix the car. We did manage to have some good char-kuey-teow though. :)


a gift from god,

Yes, pretty good get-away. No fixed plan too, and not too ambitious, so quite relaxing.

In fact, we spent quite a bit of time in the hotel. Got a family suite and the boys had a round of swimming in the jacuzzi everyday. hahaha....

InfanT said...

micah can take photos quite well.
i'm amazed!!!
well done, micah!

JLow said...

Yeah, with this long weekend coming, I was thinking of the zoo. Your idea of Genting sounds like an attractive alternative too.

She's still got a slight cough; at least I can still constantly hear the frog in her throat. Her weekends are thus still without her splashing around the pool. It's been 3 months now and she has been constantly telling me her cough is going away; then it comes back. Poor kid therefore just stays home on weekends..

The outing to Melaka sounds like a plan! Would be great to catch up too; Caitlin still remembers your boys! Okay- she remembers you too!

Trying hard not to sound like I am justifying myself here with not bringing her places! But we are guilty as charged :(

Ann said...

Oh....I am so back dated in my comments!!! ;)

You know the sea and yuor really has got to let go off trying to think of how to get them cleaned up afterwards...unless of course your hotel was near the beach and no car ride was involved!

And Max....darling Max and clothes stuck to skin! I totally get that! He must be one for NON ICKY stuff!

Wonderful experiences...great memories. I will definitely build into my son's memory bank!

milochel said...

wasnt that the 1001 car? i rmb sitting in it with u and it was raining... gosh... i had to help wipe the inside of the windscreeen... ahaha fogy and stuffy... lol/// fun times..

Moomykin said...


Thanks. Those sure are his daddy's genes, as well as some practice. He actually took like 30 shots and about 25% are good. :)



Hope you guys have a good break. :)

My sister and her troop are still around and it's always chaos with all the young kiddos around. :)

Moomykin said...


cleaning the kids is not that hard as we can still carry them and brush the sand off their feet. I think it's we adults will end up carry quite a sprinkle of sand into the car and the hotel.

I actually took my shoes off just outside our room and wiped me feet on the carper. I think they would clean the corridors more frequently than our rooms. Guilty, guilty.



The 1000 is the white Proton, still being driven around town by my bro despite it being 24 years old this year. The one without the air-con was the beige Mazda hatchback. :)

Yeah, I remember too. Thanks for helping with wiping the glass. :)