Thursday, 29 May 2008

Sand Super

One thing that my boys have been thrilled for the longest time is playing with sand.

(This is Micah in Penang, Nov 2005, before Max arrived.
Photo was extracted from Gadget-daddy's old moblog.)

Ever since Micah's first encounter with sand and tractors (toy ones) at a beach, he has always been on the look out for some where he can dig, even with his fingers he'll try to dig.

So this evening we got out some toy tractors and dump trucks and the boys had more than an hour of fun at the park.

Grandma bought the tractors yesterday at the market and on our way home, after dropping my mom, we scooped home some sand the boys played in the back yard until the arguments was too much for everyone to handle (not enough space for two "foremen" and 6 vehicles).

So today was good.

They dug, scooped, made tracks everywhere, and when they had enough, they drew on the sand and then raced around until they were all sweaty. Then they came back to scooping sand and then packed up and headed home.

Since Micah did not take a nap, he was off to dreamland by 8pm in his swing. max slept at 10.30pm. Mommy had a good chat with Gadget-daddy across the sea and started catching up on belated posts. :)

See you again soon.


Ann said...

His first encounter with sand was pretty calm. No screaming or shouting huh? Coz from my last PD trip, some 1 year plus kids were too afraid of the sea, sand and the pool. Someone told me it is onnly at that age that they are aware of things around them.

Seems it is not?

hissychick said...

I'm ashamed to say that E has not yet encountered sand at the beach (we're not on the coast) and A is no great fan...unless it's in a sandpit. I shouldn't be allowed to call myself an Aussie!

Moomykin said...


Micah also did not want to get too much into the sea at that time, but was more interested in digging sand. Now, as you have witnessed, he loves to have the waves crashing into him. :) So I guess it is at different phases.

Max still not keen on getting wet clothes stuck to him.

Moomykin said...


Australia is so big, compared to Malaysia. Here, unless you stay like up in some hills, you can get to a beach at most 3 hours. :)

Oh, do try to come visit us then! Invitation always open as long as we are here. :)

I'm sure a few other Malaysian bloggers would love to give you a very Malaysian welcome too. ;)