Friday, 23 May 2008

Let Me Confuse You

Of late, Max has taken on a very cheeky streak .
He is now 2 years and almost 5 months (short of 5 days).

Yesterday at the dinner table:

Mommy: Who wants to say "Thank You for the food"*?
Max: 1, 2, 3, (sings) Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to Gagee (just gibberish)!

Today in the car , waiting at the traffic light:

Max: Red go. Green stop.
Mommy: Max? Say it again.

He looks at me with the cheekiest look, the kind with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile that could convince the world that "blue" and "mango" are the same thing.

Max: Red go. Green stop.
Mommy: Max, say it again. Properly.
Max: Red go. Green stop.
Mommy: Arrrgh! (Fakes a growl and tickles him.)
Max: Red stop. Green go.
Mommy: Hahaha... Good boy.

The other "joke" he likes to pull is to sing the "Do-Re-Me" like this:

Max: (in great hurry) Doe, deer female deer;
Ray, dropa-gow-sun!
(Stops abruptly, melodramatic tone) What can I do now?
(Peals of Giggles from him and his brother.)


Mommy: Hey, you. What is your name?
Max: Gaggy-car.
Mommy: Huh? What is your Daddy's name?
Max: (giggles) Blubble-car.
Mommy: Oh? What is your Mommy's name?
Max: (giggles) Blubbaa-car.
Mommy: Huh? What is your koh-koh's's name?
Max: Blububbuh-gah-gah-gah- pluthhh... (splutters, showers of saliva and tonnes of giggles).

Just one more for the road:

Guess what's on his head?

His pants!

* From the playgroup we learnt a simple tune to these words:
"Thank You, Thank You God for food,
Help us, help us to be good." Amen.


JLow said...

Hi Moomykin, you've been tagged!

And now, a few words from Caitlin:

jhhjfgccchcgvvxcccvf ggggggggg5wyta7twwwwwwww65w6rxgccxt U

milochel said...

arhhh so notti!!!!

neomesuff said...


Ann said...

Ahhh...the antics of a 2 year 5 month old!

We can't live with them, we can't live without them...


Moomykin said...


Naughty and cheeky. But sure brighten up your day.



Nothing like our kids to make us laugh, eh? :)

Moomykin said...


as you can see, I did it already.



When they start talking like us, in words, you really marvel at what humans have been created to be capable of. How the brain works is So amazing. So amazing is our Creator!