Thursday, 29 May 2008


Just have to keep a log of this:

If you remember Max and his Joy juice, this was his first intro to Sarsi.

Photo as proof was taken at his uncle's wedding dinner in Penang. I asked him what he was drinking just before I snapped the photo. He, with all delight, "Sarsi."
(just uploaded the photo from my handphone).


milochel said...

oo not asleep yet kai ma?

Moomykin said...


Hi, kai-lui.

Catching up on my blog. Got some more to post as I started a couple in mind and now gotta put out in c-space. :)

Ann said...


betcha dont give him coke? That will make him 2 times as active as he already is!

Wonder what my boy will react to with fizzies!

hissychick said...

No idea what Sarsi is (Sarsparilla?) but it certainly seems to be tickling Max's tastebuds in a most pleasing way.

A had the same reaction when she first tasted Ginger beer (non alcoholic of course).

Moomykin said...


Unfortunately my kids are no coke-virgins (aikes! This sounds pretty prickly). gadget-daddy is one who takes coke occasionally, but on long journeys Coke keeps him awake on the road. So my boys are familiar with the taste of that.



Sarsparilla. Yes. it's nicknamed Sarsi here as printed on out bottles.

I don't know if my kids can handle Ginger beer, but I like one occasionally to tickle my tastebuds too. :)

There was this time My dad and I had a drink at a park once. He had a beer - regular - and I had mine - ginger. :D