Monday, 19 May 2008

Highlights of Our Trip

The most important thing we did was to visit my grandma, my mom's mom, and a grandaunt, my late dad's late uncle's wife. I think it was especially special for my sister and her kids as it is harder for them make such a trip.

The next important thing was taking the kids to the zoo and we adults got to enjoy some of the local food, including some special siew-mai which I brought back on a three hour journey back for Gadget-daddy. :)

We stayed in an aunt's house this time. She has 5 children and we got some help from her girls to care for our kids occasionally, like watch them so we could finish our meal or take our shower. By the time it was the last morning before we left Taiping, all of them were too tired to want to join us. And that's just after one and a half days! hahaha... (my aunt actually reported back to us that her kids exclaimed how come our kids never want to sleep and how come they have so much energy. Yeah, we also wish they were not so extreme sometimes. Hahaha...)


It was the last morning before heading back to KL. My mom and aunt went in a car to run an errand and to buy some famous treacle stuffed biscuits, xiang-ping/ heong-peng. My sister and I, the driver, with 4 kids went down town to get our brunch and we were to meet at my grandaunt's house. Sis carried her 1 year old with her to get food. Me in the car with 3 kids chatting while waiting for my sis.

Then Micah announced, "Mommy I need to poop."

"Now?! Can you wait a little while?"

"No. I have no time already."

Panic! I called my mom to come meet us quick at this particular spot I had parked my car.
The thought running through my head was to go straight to my grand aunt's house, 5 minutes away, and get my aunt to pick up my sis. I did not want her to panic coming out of the market to find herself stranded with a load of food and a baby in her arms.

"Mommy, I need to poop!"

Then I spotted a small green potty under the back seat.
"Here Micah, you'll have to use this, ok?"

The potty was definitely not big enough for the whole behind, as it is a baby-size one, meant more for a pee on the long journey.

So he did his business in the car, into a baby-sized potty (with a bit of pee escaping the potty, oops!) and got cleaned up with tissue from the car. Then I threw in a few more used tissue I found in a make-shift garbage bag and put the whole potty into that bag. (Later cleaned that up at my grandaunt's house. Almost puke at the stench.) My sister appeared after the whole drama was clean and tied-up.

I called my mom again and told her the emergency was over. We met at my grandaunt's house.

The journey home was pretty smooth. The three kids at the back slept most of the way, My mom and my sis took a nap each, but Max in the car seat in front with me stayed up and kept me company all the way, despite my trying to persuade him to nap.

With such precious cargo in the car under my charge, I made sure I was alert all the time.


hissychick said...

What a bust and exciting trip. The food also looked very yummy.

Toilet dramas when travelling are just the worst aren't they? We actually have something called a potette just for this type of situation. It's basically a fold down potty seat to which you attach these bags with an absorbent liner. So you pop the frame up, child sits down, does their business, you tie up the bag for disposal and replace a new one on the frame. Brilliant!

milochel said...

i need to poop... NOW...

JLow said...

Hmm, can't say we've been on long-enough trips to think about such emergencies...

I do, however, have a plastic bag handy in my car for when Caitlin needs to puke! She's a serial puker this kid...

Ann said...

OK....the poop story was classic! Thank God for sharp eyes and baby potties left around.

Pee during long journeys? Got me thinking now....

At any rate, steamed back up siew mai will taste great anyhow and the heong peang sure looks good! Has it increased in price much now?

The one in Ipoh has gone up by RM1.50 since the pass 2 years! My my....

Moomykin said...


The trip was good. We did not do as much as the last time since we have more kids with us. Lol.

I wish we have this potette thingi here too. We just carry potties in the car and plastic bags.



kai-lui, do you need a potty too? ;)

Moomykin said...


it's quite an experience giong on a long journey with kids. We actually give Micah a diaper even on the way, in case we cant make it to a rests top on time, now that we travel on highways and not the trunk roads through small towns where you can stop easily.

I was a serious puker as a kid too. Will puke every trip we drive back to Taiping with my parents, right up to the age of 12!! Of couse then, driving through trunk roads and small towns the journey was like 5 hours, while now it's only 3.



Thank God for the grandma who left it in the car for us since our trip to Penang.

We usually put diapers on the boys for the journey as it is not possible to stop anywhere along the highway for them to pee. Not safe at all.

Also because if it's just Gadget-daddy and I and the boys in the car, we prefer to keep them in their carseats. That also makes it difficult to use the potty in the car. Once you take them out of the car seat to pee, they'll refuse to get back in. So diapers are still the handiest for long journeys.