Friday, 9 May 2008


Finally I am packed for our weekend away; this meeting some extended family affair up north.

One last batch of laundry in the machine about done to be put out and the only thing I have yet to pack is the toiletry bag, namely tooth brushes (after tomorrow morning's wash up) and my glasses.

Gadget-daddy is in charge of packing all the chargers for all our gadgets and also the camera and his own luggage.

Tomorrow, the only thing that is hanging over our head is having to send our dogs to the vet's kennel. I really dislike loading dogs (it's the smell and sheddings) into the car because we spend considerably a lot of our time running around town.

Must get to bed soon.

Night night.

p/s- To all the mommies,

Happy Mothers Day


hissychick said...

Have a lovely weekend away :)

Maiasaurus Rex said...

DOGS RULE!!! You should let the dogs have the back seats (don't forget to fasten the seatbelts) and put everyone else into the boot...

Ann said...

hahaha....for all your writings, I reckon this is the first time I hear you "complain" about your dogs!! Inlaws cannot handle them alone?

That day we were also talking about dogs seating behind and fastening seat belts! Looks like we were not the only ones thinking about it !

mumsgather said...

Enjoy your little trip. :)

Fern said...

Have a blessed mother's day!Have a good trip!

A gift from God said...

Wah....have fun and bring back some photos to share with us!!

Moomykin said...


Thanks. :)

We did have a lovely weekend, except for a minor-major glitch. More about that on my up coming post.


maiasaurus rex,

We have a kenari which we can put the back seats down and so there is no boot but the whole space for the dogs. FIL and BIL took care of that as I had to settle the boys.

Got the dogs back already.

Moomykin said...


I don't mind taking the dogs in the car except that they also sometimes droll a lot. So you can imagine the slop all over the car.

FIL and BIl settled the dogs going there and today FIl managed on his won while I kept the boys distracted. Otherwise I am sure they'd want to tag along and that, 2 boys and 2 dogs, will be just too much to handle.



Thanks. We are all back, safe and sound - including the dogs. :)

Moomykin said...


Thanks. :)

Coming weekend will be YOUR big day!!



gift from god,


Will work on that asap. :)

Angelia said...

glad you had a good time :)