Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Yes, We have Fish

Was reading Toddlerdaddy's post about their gold fish, and so...

Let me tell you our fish story:

How We Got Our Fish

Couple of years back, near Christmas, there was a cable TV promotion at a shopping mall. They had booths with games and activities to entertain the kids while some of their sales guys try to talk to you about signing on with them. One of the games we participated in was to catch live fishes from a baby pool with a hand-held net. So we got to take home 2 fishes in a plastic bag. We put them in a clear plastic jar for a couple of days and then one of them died.

Micah was so upset, that the grandpa went out to buy a mini fish tank with an electric oxygen pump, and 2 more fishes. The next day, both the new fishes died.

So over the weekend Gadget-daddy and I took the 2 boys to a fish pet shop and to my delight I found very cheap fish, 10 for RM1. They were actually meant for feeding bigger fishes. So we ended up with 11 fishes in a mini tank... and as you can guess, over-crowdedness led to more fishes dying. At that time, we already had 2 terrapins (bought them about a couple of months before the fishes arrived). So whenever a fish died, the terrapins had a good meaty meal.

One day a relative gave us their old fish tank. Much bigger and on a stand even.

Finally, our clear plastic container that became a mini tank with 11 fishes has now "evolved" into a big tank (3ft x 2ft x 2.5Ft). Non of the original 11 fishes left, but now we have some other fish, also given by some other relatives, and now the terrapin (one died too) is also happily swimming in there.

Personally, as a kid* we had fishes as pets but no one was keen on cleaning the tank, we eventually gave up on that. With Micah, I would have just let the 2 fishes in the plastic container be the end of our fish story, but the indulging grandparents sure made it a much longer fish tale. :)

* Actually, because of my indulging parents and grandfather, we had the following as pets at different times:
guinea pigs
turtle doves


Ann said...

Dogs, cats, fish, tortoise, guinea pigs I can understand....but chickens and quails?? Oh...I guess it is coz your parent's place has a nice big yard!!!

YOu know...best let them have their share of pets when they are young so that when they get older they wouldn't bug their wifes for one! (Like my hubby does now! :))

hissychick said...

That's grandparents for you!

As for the fish story, what toddlerdaddy was alluding to should probably be my second self nomination for WWM 08 (which will make sense when you read my latest post). More on that later..

Angelia said...

we are looking at getting fish too. The twins are "saving" up for it.

We shall see who gets tired of it first LOL

got a spare aquarium anyone?

Moomykin said...


Yes, we had the extra space at my mum's place as he has quite a big garden.

The chicken and quails were the adults' ideas of having fresh eggs! It was quite fun for a while, but at the end we also had those fowls on our platters! Oops!
(Practical adults they were.)




Ok, will go read your blog at once!

Moomykin said...


Have fun with the fish.

I can scout around to see if anyone wants to "get rid" of one. :)

When are you planning on starting this fishy hobby for the boys?

Angelia said...

have plenty of time :) august is their bday or it could be xmas HAHA

Moomykin said...


OK. If you can wait, I can go asking around to see if anyone wants to change their tank, then I get you their "old" one.