Saturday, 24 May 2008

Non-important Things

Thank you Jlow for tagging me.

Well, this will keep my readers busy (as if) keeping up with my blog over the weekend.

The rules for this meme are easy:
1. Link to the person that tagged you. (done above)
2. Post the rules on your blog. (done here)
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (will do below)
4. Tag someone:

So here goes:

1. I am a right-hander but can do a few things relatively well with my left:
write, play badminton, send an sms and use a spoon to feed myself or the boys.

2. I have short-sightedness and quite bad astigmatism.
I was prescribed to wear glasses since 7 years old but only wore a pair all day long from age 10. I love reading in bed, and that apparently is the main cause of bad eye-sight. Of course there is also the genetic factor. Wonder if Lasik will really work for me. Scary. Might go blind instead.

3. I have very pampered feet.
Since I stopped teaching 8 years ago I have only put on high heels for dinner functions, namely wedding dinners, and even then my feet would protest. From the time I was pregnant with Micah, I have only worn ladies slippers (nice proper ones, presentable enough for weddings and dinners), sandals, sports shoes, and water-proof slip-ins for walking around the neighbourhood. I still keep 2 pairs of nice proper shoes in the shoe cabinet, but doubt I'll ever want to put them on: a) my wedding shoes, ivory in colour; b) black court shoes, 1.5 inch high.

4. I like all colors, ...
...but find "lime green" especially lovely and refreshing. I used to have reservation about wearing the colour red, but now not too bad.

5. I have this "bad" habit of starting on a few chores all at once and slowly tying the ends.
This is because I feel I can't waste time just standing around waiting for the water to boil (in kettle or pot), as well as filling up the filtered-water container, so I will:
-pour filtered water into kettle/pot to boil;
-put on water to boil, and the filter on to refill the container;
-run up to put a batch of laundry into the machine/fill up the water-jug in our room;
-(while upstairs) check what I need to bring down, i.e. trash, folded clothes (boys'), used cups, extra buckets from downstairs' bathroom, etc.
-go back to the water section to finish off by filling flasks/making tea/ cooking noodle.

6. I am a magpie.
I have so much of useless earthly possessions in my mum's house and also here that if I were to die suddenly I think the people left behind will take forever to clear my stuff, namely because they are stashed everywhere. What earthly possessions you wonder:
-old pen-pals letters from when I was 12 and letters, cards, notes and bookmarks from friends;
-photographs in a few shoe boxes;
-tonnes of knick-knacks;
-loads of "useless" books, those that I collected over time from Uni days while studying and working on my thesis;
-files from study notes to working "practical/useful/self-improvement" notes;
-old medals from school and Uni days, namely for swimming events;
-stationery stuff in different boxes and pencil cases from different stages of school, work and homes, plus my collection of pencils and stickers.
-... (shan't burden you with more of my "trash")

Have a good weekend! :)


U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy on call, ahaaa, now we know about you, ha ha.
Love that 'magpie' part. My wife one of them.
By the way, pop over my place, have a surprise for you, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Hahaha... Most women I know are like that. Only a handful are more practical than sentimental, and they don't keep old birthday cards, etc.

Will pop over soon. :)
"See ya."

Angelia said...

eek! I've been tagged.. u know.. I don't tend to respond to tags LOL

Moomykin said...


Aiya, a tag is a tag. Life does not depend on it.

To me it's just one of those "silly" things you do so your friends know you a little better. :)

Have a good day.

Angelia said...

I shall think on it.. school hols driving me nuts LOL luckily can organise play dates... wanna come by?

some of the mummies are meeting next thurs, wanna join!?

Angelia said...

Done it :)

Moomykin said...



On my way there!