Friday, 15 August 2008

Bed Time, Max

Micah fell asleep in the car on the way back from the train station. Gadget-daddy's home!!

So I only had to get Max ready for bed. Got him to brush his teeth, looked at some picture books and then dress him in his pajamas.

While putting on his pajamas, I quizzed him:

What is your name?


How do you spell that?

M-A-X, Max.

What is your daddy's name?

Dunno... (grins)

You don't know?!!

(Punishment by getting his calf between mommy's teeth. Squeals and giggles follows)

What is your Mommy's name?

Dunno.... (giggles)

You don't know?!... (Low growl starting in Mommy's throat)


Ok...What is your koh-koh's (older brother) name?

Micah koh-koh.

How old are you?

Dunno... (giggles)

You don't know how old you are? How old are you?

Fine, thank you.

No, not "How are you?" "How old are you?"

Dunno... (giggling and wiggling)

You don't know? Two...


Two and a half.

Two and a half... (grins) I want to sleep now... where is my Daddy?

Mommy calls for Daddy and we all said good night.

Good night, you cheeky baby.
Good night, beautiful boy.


JLow said...

I just love conversations like this!

Only in the last 3 weeks I noticed my conversations with Caitlin "went up to a new level" of detail, depth and breadth. I can't give you examples, but it also involved laughter but only from words and implications rather than physical tickles...

Ann said...

They just look so peaceful when they sleep. Sure give you one contented feeling!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, bedtimes are usually either very stressful or very wonderful. :)

Of late, though, Micah has been falling asleep on the couch or in grandma's room in the middle of play with his uncle or grandma. He wants to be in action until he can't keep his eyelids up. This is with early mornings and no naps.



I love to stare at them when they are asleep. That's when they are most lovely, and I want to just snuggle close to them and smell them.... So lovely and so precious.