Saturday, 23 August 2008

Felt like a Saturday

Today Gadget-daddy worked from home...much to the delight of this moody moomy.

In the afternoon, when Max was at his nap, we decided to go watch a movie.
While we were getting ready to go out, Micah was calling from downstairs,

"Anyone wants to play checkers with me? Anybody?"

Oh, he sounded so pathetic, so abandoned.
So I went down and gave him some attention, but did not want to start on the game.

Gadget-daddy came down and Micah called, "Daddy, wanna play checkers with me?"
Gadget-daddy did. He stayed on the game for 5 minutes, gave him some pointers and then we rushed off for The Mummy 3.

Before leaving the cinema we got a fresh box of popcorn for the boys. They were really delighted with that. We ate the popcorn while watching Pocoyo.

For dinner, Grandma made some delicious spicy fried chicken and assam laksa.
I sure had my appetite for dinner today.

Later I had a craving for something cold and refreshing. I actually wanted a smoothie, but decided to settle for a fruity ice-blended at Coffee Beans - had their Berried Treasure. Gadget-daddy drove us out. Micah fell asleep on the way to the mall. Max enjoyed the drink as much as I did. :)

Ahh.. a good end to a day. It sure felt like a Saturday. :)

Thanks, Gadget-daddy for meeting the cravings of this moody mommy.

p/s- Pictures coming up...

Updates: Uploaded photos on 23/8/2008, 11.45 pm.


JLow said...

Just think, the real Saturday isn't even here yet. and when it does you can do this all over again!


Moomykin said...


Thanks. :)

Too bad we did not make it to see the fishes together.

Maybe another time?

Have a good Sunday.

|Elpida said...

the fried chix and assam laksa looks sooooo good!!!

Moomykin said...


Yes, they were really good.

When will you be back? maybe my MiL can stir some up for you. :)

JLow said...

Yeah- sorry I had forgotten we had to bring Caitlin for a quick visit to Dr Pixie's that morning. Just as well I did 'cos I didn't know all this while how to wash her properly after each pee... she has a slight infection in the nether regions. It's ok though, nothing serious. Using the Lactacyd these few days to rid it.

After the visit I did manage to bring her to Aquaria after all.

But yeah- we should do something in the coming weekend(s)...

Ann said...

That does sound good. Actually anything done with hubby and family together sounds good at this stage!

InfanT said...

*Drooling* i wanna eat laksa now...

Moomykin said...


Don't worry about it. There will be more opportunities. :)



Yes, my favourite times are those shared with Gadget-daddy and/or the boys.

Moomykin said...


Penang laksa always gets me drooling too, even when not pregnant. Hahaha...