Thursday, 14 August 2008

Is That Why You Want Me to Go to School?

Micah, the first born and a sensitive child, has serious separation anxiety.

For the first 6 weeks, he would still moan and whine about missing me while on the way to school. On the good days, he will talk about the things he likes about school but sprinkled lavishly with a string of "But I will miss you, Mommy..."

These days we have these kind of repeated conversations sprouting sporadically through the day. It could be in the car on the way to school, or on the way back, in the garden, or at the dining table, in the showers or at Ah Ma's house. It always starts with:

" I love you, Mommy."

"I love you too."

"Is that why you want me to go to school? Because it's good for me?"


"Then I can learn new things?"


"Then I can come back and teach you the new things too?"

"Yes, and teach Max too. "

"I love school. It's a lot of fun. Is that why you wish you could come to my school too.?"

"Yes. Your teachers are very good and you have so many friends and you do such interesting things..."

"But you can't. You're too old to come to my school. How about you come and teach in my school?"


Never mind my explanation... You can just see how he is coping with wanting Mommy still.
But we are getting better.

Micah at 2 years old.


Ann said...

I think that is so sweet. I hardly hear boys telling their mummy that they love them so often!

You must have shown and spoken alot of love to them to make them as loving as they are now.

Remind me often!

Ju Li said...

it's so inspiring and amazing that you're jotting down your everyday encounter with your little ones...makes me want to be a full time mama too when i have kids..;) keep it up!

Moomykin said...


Yeah, we always verbally express our love to one another, so it's something we want our kids to feel be embarrass about.

Even sometimes when he is upset, or when I am upset with him, Micah will still say "I love you" in an angry ton.
My response will be "I love you too, but you cannot behave so terribly....etc."


ju li,

It's great to get to be a stay home, mom, but you must also be ready for many sacrifices on your part...

You have to give up a lot of freedom and luxury for a while, at least until they are a little older, then you will have to try to reconstruct yourself in society again. hahaha...

By society I mean the world beyond your your home and kids. I still have not figured how to do that for myself yet. :P

Ju Li said...

I guess a little sacrifice to invest in young lives- especially your own is worth it.

Have been working with kids for the past few years and it's real sad to see that although they have a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, their character and attitude is terrible- all due to insecurity and limited time spent with family(esp. parents).

People like you are really a great inspiration. I'm sure your kids will appreciate it in the future. Above all, nothing beats having able to raise kids of Godly character. ;)

Moomykin said...

ju li,

I believe as parents we all want to give our best to our kids. Just that some parents feel that giving physical comfort is more important than values or a good character. Usually from their own lack as a child. Some also assume that kids will learn to think for themselves, i.e. right and wrong, which is not true.

Also, by character and temperament some are easier to teach than other. (I'm sure you know all that with your training. :))