Monday, 25 August 2008

A Photo Memory: Oh They Grow So Fast!

Gadget-daddy actually had a photoblog earlier, but the server crashed.
So here are some photos that we managed to pull out from some other hard drive (he handles all these stuff anyway. )

Micah at 16-17 months old.
These were taken in Penang.

Oh, they grow so fast.

Micah's first year flew by so fast I really had no time to keep a good record of his progress except that his first 2 teeth sprouted at 4.5 months, he was communicating with single words by 9 months and walked on his own, quite a few steps, on his first birthday. He loves everything fast. In fact, we thought he learnt to run before walking - he was always dashing across the room, and my mom actually told me to teach him to walk properly - to tell him to slow down his steps consciously.

Max in his early months, between a few days old to about 4 months.

Oh, they grow so fast.

When Max hit his First birthday, I could still remember the day we brought him back from the hospital. Maybe because I had stopped working by then, but Max stayed a "baby" a little longer, much to our delight.

His first two teeth sprouted at 4 months, he walked a week after his first birthday and started talking, communicating with single and double syllable words, when he was about 19 months. He loves puzzles, scribbling with a crayon, or a pencil, and is the sweet-tooth of our family.


Mummy-yeoh said...

I dont remember much about Micah when he was a baby. He did grow very fast but I can remember Max when he ws still a baby. Its so nice to see them growing up together and having their own characters and personality

Ann said...

Kids really grow at such different paces.

When they talk, when they walk...

But both your boys sprouted teeth so young!!!They must have been s wanting to eat all that mmmy eats as well!!!

You are a GOOD HOST!!

Cuddly Family said...

It's true abt how fast they grow, sometimes without you realising it. Until you look at the old pix hehe

I can't believe that the Js are going to primary 1 next year EEK!!!

Moomykin said...


I actually have a few short videos of Micah, before 1, in church. But he did grow up too fast for many of us to recall...

They are really different individuals. Every child is, and oh, so precious.



enjoy your baby before he hit the magic age of 1 and then they really pick up speed!!

Teeth: I have concluded, the later they grow the better. Both my boys have bad teeth now cos I really could not get them to let me clean their teeth at such young age. Of course there were/are other external contributing factors.

Moomykin said...


I know. When they start school proper is when they are no longer "babies"...

Next year is like a few months time!! "Eeek!" indeed!