Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Household Headache

"We're in deep sh*t."

I don't usually use that word, but I think the phrase and expression, as subscribe by Hollywood, best describe our predicament.

We have a leaking pipe...somewhere. It's finally sowed up in our water bill. The water bill comes like every three months. The last round we only had to pay like RM 22.++ and before that we had over paid for two rounds (Thanks to some mistake from their computer* and Gadget-daddy paid, on line, double the amount due). This time the bill came up to over RM1000. With a red stamp of warning of our unpaid dues.

Even our electric bill never come anywhere close to this.

As a child, even in my teens, I have always heard my parents complain about bills to be paid, and maintenance of the house that is stressful, but they have spared us of all the dollars and cents (ringgit and sens, rather) they carefully counted at each dispense.

Now I have a cloud over my head, although I am not really doing anything about it - as in, we have got a plumber, happens to be one of FiL's brothers, to come look and check around, and FiL usually walks around with him while I keep the boys busy and out of their way.

MiL is also pantang (superstitious) and does not want me near anywhere things that are being taken apart and where there's clanging and banging going on.

So for the last 2 days I've been showering I MiL's bathroom downstairs and we've been trying to cope with adjusting the usage of water from the mains and the tank.
Sigh... complications of urban living in the 21st century...

We are still not over this yet. Still checking on the pipes.
Wish there's a technology that can scan through walls and underground to check for leaks... One common enough to not cost us a bomb and save us from the worse case scenario: Breaking up the flooring and down the walls.


There... done griping.

p/s- Daily supplements: Multi-co and folic acid from doc, and fruitcake from sis. :)
Little 'bulge' is getting bigger. :)

* This is the whole misgivings I have about records and amenities being tech savvy. These systems will one day come back and bite you when you've come to rely on it for convenience...and give you a major headache, like now.


milochel said...

Yeee why u refer to her as "bulge" ... so sad ..:(

Cuddly Family said...

eeeee I tell you the govt bodies give me a headache!

hope you sort it out hun! (with minimum headache)

Moomykin said...


well, it feels like a bulge, hard, but one that is very welcomed and wanted. :)

Ok... next time shall refer it as "bundle of joy". :)



Thanks. We are still checking everyday.

hope you'll sort out your head aches too.

Ann said...

Oh...that is a bombshell of a bill indeed !!!

Hope you find the leak soon. If you don't see any stains on the wall or the flooring or the ceiling meaning it is not within the house perhaps??

Else the tank the pipe outside? Or maybe there was a glitch on the other side? or maybe someone is stealing your water?

Funny there are no tell tale signs!

glad your little one is growing well and you are beginning to show! glad too that you have all your supplements and some more.

Tk care and God bless you LOTS!

Moomykin said...



We now think the leak is underground. So for the time being, until God knows when, we are turning the mains on twice a day - while Mil is doing the cooking, and we can do laundry about that time, and for the rest of the time we just use the tank's. An inconvenience we have to bear with...