Saturday, 30 August 2008

Gadget-daddy's Home

Gadget-daddy's home.

The boys wasted no time in playing and rough housing with their Daddy. While he took time to play a recently discovered train game online, Mommy took a snooze. Now the boys are downstairs playing racing with their uncle, it's Daddy's turn to snooze. Traveling is very tiring and so time wasting.

Just glad he's home safe. And no hitches this time. There was one incident where he was suppose to be home by 3pm, but because of the flight delays he reached home at 12am.

Just so glad he's home.


Ann said...

Good that daddy's back so that you have some time to visit Dreamland! And so nice that he gladly took the first shift!

Moomykin said...



He is pretty good with the boys... except when he wants to watch Tv... Hahahaha