Thursday, 21 August 2008

Your Eyes or Ears

Was reading Infant's post on this and I thought...

The things I'd miss if I were to become blind:

Colours of Nature,
Sunsets, sunrise, stars, rainbows, green trees and rushing rivers. The change of weather, and of seasons.
The details of a plant.
Animals of all sorts, the way feathers and scales are arranged,
the way furs and skin are so smooth and fine, and
the patterns that they come in - spots, stripes, patches or just whole.
And not just the colours of nature, but their shapes and depth and splendour.

Watching how things work
I am one easily captivated by how things work, or how skillful one works.

I was once commented and laughed at by an owner of burger stall because I was just staring at how he was preparing my burger - completely interested like at a cooking class, just absorbed. At least he was generous enough to not think I was trying to steal his skill or that I was suspicious of his hygiene etc. But I love watching how breads are made, cakes being decorated, the florist at work on a bouquet, the painter with his choice of medium and tools (Oh, I love 'Art Attack!').

I also love to watch clockworks, and those alike, I am always amazed by the mechanics of things, not like I'm anywhere near being a professional in this area, but I enjoy my moments with my boys staring at the unders of cars at the workshop, looking at the wheels of a train, watching road-bulding machines work.

Most of all,
I'd miss watching my boys grow as they play,
watching them in perfection as they sleep,
seeing their different facial expressions or delight, surprise, in great laughter, in anger or even fear, in sadness, in deep thoughts or when they are bored. When they are sleepy, falling asleep...
I'd miss seeing their face change as they grow from a baby to a child, and then to a man.
I'd miss studying their handsome features, their fingers and toes, and clipping their nails.
(This paragraph applies to my bestfriend and life partner too - Gadget-daddy - except the baby bit, but will be looking out for wrinkles and grey hairs. :D)

It would be such a loss. I can't imagine a world of darkness.

I can't imagine not being able to read,
not being able to walk freely and watch the bustling of a scene at a market, in the kitchen, at a park or at a train station.

So for all the above, I'd choose having my eyes than ears.


On another somber note,
while my dad was losing his sight due to his diabetes, I once cried to Gadget-daddy (years before any sign of him being a daddy then) that it'd be so so sad that my dad would not be able to see our kids, his grandchildren. But more than that he never got to know on earth any of his grandchildren. He passed away 3 years before his first grandchild came to be.


Ann said...

I agree. Eyes are the most important.

But pondering for a while, can't imagine life without the ability to touch as well...those who do not have hands.

Bless those who are without, yet have a great capacity to give.

Moomykin said...


There are so many things we take for granted easily... so we should give thanks more, yeah?