Tuesday, 12 August 2008

First Prep-Talk*

While getting ready for bed, after reading our books, I asked the boys if they'd like to say "Goodnight" to the baby. Both took turns to kiss my belly.

Mommy: The baby is now still very small, like Mommy's thumb (they looked at my thumb). It must grow until it's big enough to come out. Then I will have to go to the hospital and the doctor will help mommy take the baby out. The we can all see it and hold it.

Micah: Then we can see the umbilical cord?

Mommy: Yes. Then you can see it. But now it's still inside. It can hear you and when the baby comes out it'll know you, can recognise your voice. (Both boys smiles and beaming.)

Micah (talking to my belly): I am Micah and this is Max. (To me) When is the baby coming out?

Mommy: When it's ready. It must grow and grow until it is too big to be in the womb, then it's time for the baby to come out and grow some more out here. Like you and Max. That time I must go to the hospital so that the doctor can help take the baby out. The I must push the baby out, Boosh! and...

Peals of giggles from both the boys.

Micah : Yeah! Yeah! Like me and Max. But the doctor had to operate me out and you pushed Max out. Boosh!

Both boys went "Boosh!" a few times and rolled all over the bed until it was not that funny anymore. We settled in for sleep.

* I was working on this when I got too tired and went to bed. So here's something that should have been up on 8Aug, 2008.


hissychick said...

That's such a gorgeous moment. Thanks for sharing :)

A is currently very fascinated with how babies come out of 'tummy houses'. I dread the first time she asks a pregnant lady if her baby is going to come out of her 'bagina' or a tummy operation!

Ann said...

hahaha....the boosh also made me laugh coz i can imagine you saying it to them with all the expression and great booshing sound!!!

How sweet....many more prep talks to come ya! and some 'ummmm' onoes too!!!

Moomykin said...


Precious moments indeed.

Well, when A asks those questions it'll probably stunt the other lady more than it would embarrass you, so you'd probably have to answer for the lady. hahaha...



yeah, the boosh was pretty funny.

Actually had another with Max, about him giving up his nan-nan for the baby. Just had not had the time to blog. Just so tired sometimes...

JLow said...

BOOooossh! hahahahah!

I can imagine the sound effects!

Very cute!