Friday, 29 August 2008

Missing: Gadget-daddy

Hubby's been traveling every week since July.

Today, on one of our long-distance calls (we call and text each other a few times a day, trying to reduce the distance), he mentioned it would probably be for just 2 more months then he may not need to travel so much then.

Some people can get used to their spouse being away. After a while they establish a kind of routine to keep them busy, and maybe start a new hobby etc. to have some entertainment or excitement.
Well, I think those are very independent women.

I was one... until I fell head-over-heels. Then I was bound, still am bound, in my heart and soul for the rest of my life.

So after all these while it actually has taken a toll. I feel it harder every time he has to go. I feel the distance more, especially when we talk before bed time - exchanging stories of our day.

My boys are not too crazy about talking on the phone, so he has also missed hearing them and they him. Sometimes he leaves when they are still asleep, in the wee hours in the morning. Sometimes he leaves in the evening while they are busy at play and just give him a quick, "bye, dad" without realising they won't see him for the next few days.

Photo taken in mid 2006

Oh, I know time will pass quickly if we count by the weekends...
But it's still a day away.

So near yet so far.


mumsgather said...

I could never get used to having Mr MG away either.

milochel said...

hmm.. this is probably the first time for me, having him away for a week on a business trip but so far so good...

Cuddly Family said...

I've only had Cuddly Daddy away for a week or so..

dunno, it would be twice as tiring admittedly but he works long hours etc so.. used to him not always being around at bedtime etc..

the kids prob miss him more :D

JLow said...

Between Hot Mummee and I, she is the workaholic, coming home past 10pm most nights.

We've gotten used to this routine already; most times the kids are already in bed, and I have even said "... yeah, I spoke to her over the weekend and we have decided to...", when friends ask what we were planning on certain things... They usually pick up on the ".. spoke to her on the weekend??"...

Ah well... one of us has to be with the kids more!

hissychick said...

I'm so glad that mr hissychick no longer travels for work. When A was between one and four months old there was only one week where he was home for the whole week and that was hard.

As it is he is away from home for twelve hours of the day.

You have my sympathies.

Moomykin said...


I know...
It's just not complete without our other half.

Moomykin said...


Dating times: Sometimes it's good to be apart so you remember yourself as an individual. Also a good time to remember family and friends and just just pak-toh all the time.

When you are married and have kids you really need each other to make a home complete.

Moomykin said...


It's good that you are managing well on your own most of the time. But it's true that the kids will miss their daddy.

Moomykin said...


If you can work out a certain routine it's good. Even though she comes back late, at least you still have some time to chat before the end of the day. It's just hard when one is actually not around more than half the week.

Guess the "spoke over the weekend" bit applies to us too. :)

Moomykin said...



Yes, it's hard to manage the kids on our own. At least I have my in-laws to help with some of the stuff and I can just be with the boys.

But there's just no replacement for the one we love. Absence makes the hearts grow fonder.

Cuddly Family said...

its kinda heartwarming to see y'all so in love with your partners hehe.. I guess Im just an old married grump hahahahhaa

a pak tor evening is a great idea. just to connect as a couple and not just reg: parents etc. Arranging babysitters becomes an epic affair for us hahahhahaa I guess Cuddlyhubby is the retreat into cave type :)

Bless you both (and the rest of you ehhe)for having such love :)

Moomykin said...


Please, please go for a date with Cuddlydaddy. Go stay a night in a hotel even if you can!!

Maybe when you go visit your parents and let the boys stay with them without you two for a night? Year end hols is almost here. Just a couple more months. ;)

Ann said...

Totally understand.....some are ok with it...other like you and me will never be ok with it!

Hope the schedule of working and travelling really gets worked out soon!

Take care.

Moomykin said...


Yeah. Hope you're coping well too... just another day to go. :)