Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Smile for Max

Here's Max having a turn handling the camera.

He's still not as skilled as his brother of course, because he is just 2 and half after all.

He took some shots of the inside of our car,

One of Mommy (trying to get him out of the car)

And then he took the dogs,

one of Grandpa reading at the porch,

and some self portrait

Good try, cutie.
You are getting the hang of it.


Ann said...

The first few of people in the car were amusing! Got the car that's for sure!!!

But yeah, kids get the hang of it pretty fast!!!

My son now loves the sound and sight of the camera and loves to see himself as well when we show him the shots! He will laugh and point at himself! So cute!

Ann said...

oh yeah....what's going to happen to the dogs when you leave?

Moomykin said...


Kids really adapt fast. Both my boys are more techie than I was when I was 10! Hahaha...

dogs: They will stay on in the house with my in-laws I guess.