Monday, 4 August 2008

A Few Things

Talked to Gadget-daddy...

I suppose I should go see the doc as soon as I can, but I am a little anxious... scared...
What if it's gonna be like the last one?

He said it'll be Ok.

The boys got a haircut today. They were so good.
This is when the "Who's first?" is useful.
It's also when Micah will quite readily say, "I'll be very brave."

We are staying over at my mom's tonight.
Let's hope it works and that Max won't call for his bed.
Since Gadget-daddy is away and the boys' cousins are in town, I guess it's a good distractions for all of us.

The washing machine is cranky again. What's the point of having a washing machine that requires you to stand there and turn off the water when it's full (or it'll overflow) and have to "wash" with your hands because the water level sensor is out?

Max is going to miss all his usual computer games and cartoons at Ah Ma's.

Ok.. I will go see the doc tomorrow.

Please keep your fingers cross.
Please keep me in prayer.


JLow said...

Will be thinking of you.

Let us know what's up...

Ann said...

God works for the good in all things. Pray and leave it up to Him. He will do what is best for you!

AND...reckon it is time to change your washing machine!

mumsgather said...

Please keep us updated on your doc visit. And remember to take good care of yourself especially now.

A gift from God said...

Hey... will pray for you. Take care.