Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Cravings = Gender ?

If it's true, the old wives tales*, then ...

We might be expecting a girl!!

With both my boys I wanted to eat a lot of meat. It was as if I was having a growth spurt and into some muscle building regime. All I wanted was more and more and more meat. Chicken, pork, beef, mutton, fish even. Everything. Fried, in curry, stewed, stewed, grilled, baked... in every form of culinary possibilities.

Except that with Max I also wanted jelly for a while, so we half expected he was going to be a girl... but not. He was a sweet sweet baby any way. Oh and now he is showing to be a real sweet-tooth in the family!

This one, I only feel like I need more fluids, sweet ones, even carbonated ones, and fruits.

Today for dinner, MiL made some nice chicken stew, fried fish, sambal tumis (chilly paste with chopped onions, slightly sweet) on the side, and spinach soup.

I looked at the lovely spread, but nothing appealed to me. The sambal made a stir in my brain but did nothing to the tongue. So I had 2 bananas, a green apple, 3 digestive biscuits and a cup of Milo. Does this sound like a girl's dinner? I do think so.

The other funny thing about my cravings now is the no-cravings cravings. I actually don't feel like I want anything. Or rather, I feel like I want something but I don't know what. Nothing is really appealing to me. So I open the fridge very frequently but nothing gets taken out.

And when I crave for something, it could change the next moment. Or if I don't satisfy the slightest indication of what I wanted, it would have changed by the time it's the next meal, or even as fast as 10 minutes later**. Seems to be so fickle minded and indecisive. Sounds like a stereotype of a female? Hahaha...

Well, the good side to this may be that I could be losing some kilos by the time the baby's out! hahaha...

Will keep you posted on this cranky cravings...

* According to most I have heard, they say if you crave for sweet things like cakes and cookies, you're expecting a girl. If you want meat and eggs, it'll be a boy.

**This was the case of the sambal tumis. It was actually in the fridge and MiL heated it up for me when I asked her if there was any of her nice sambal left. After she brought it out from the kitchen I just looked at it but did not even want to sniff it. Teruk, kan?


U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy, you just hang loose and keep yourself in good shape for the big day.
By the way, have you got the names ready?
If a boy? If a girl? If Twins? Ha ha.
My very best regards to you....hope you don't get rojak cravings at 3AM?
Or cendol and ice kachang at midnight, ha ha.

Mummy-yeoh said...

Oooo this is so exciting! From the way you describe about the cravings and being fickle minded...I agree that it is a female trait. ha ha. Make sure you have plenty of rest. Do you have any mroning sickness?

mumsgather said...

Congratulations! As my kids would say *hug hug hug hug* Hehe. When I was preggy all I craved for was 7-up or Sprite. Hahaha. I felt so guilty drinking but I just HAD TO!

Ann said...

Praise the Lord!

(S)He sure is a healthy one with cravings for fruits!!! Eat when you can and hopefully you don't go through all that "output stage"!!

Take care, remain happy. Will keep you in prayer!

Cuddly Family said...

LOL with my kids, all I wanted was spicy things. chilli padi. I didnt want any sweet things (which is ODD for me haha).

hahhaa U-lee: twins no joke ok? lol

HUGS at least it's healthy stuff right now ;)

Moomykin said...


If we are having a girl, got the name already. If it's a boy I'm gonna have to search real hard.

Don't think it's a twin or my doctor would have mentioned it.

No midnight cravings so far, thank God. It's going to be tough for any satisfaction as hubby is away most of the week days and I can't quite leave my sleeping boys.

Moomykin said...


So funny, right?

Did you have anything like this while carry your precious cutie?



Thanks. and Thanks for the hugs. :)

The one thing I've been looking for but have not found is the zesty zapple. Looked for it in a 7-11 and a couple of petrol kiosk and a supermarket but no sign of it.


Moomykin said...


Yeah. This baby pretty good in that sense, but like so fussy-lah.



I loved nasi lemak for breakfast when I was carrying both my boys. Even the last one we lost, I also craved for nasi lemak. Very Malaysian babies. :)

Mummy-yeoh said...

Hmmm...come to think of it I dont have any cravings at all except that I just refused to take any milk except ice coffee in the morning

Cuddly Family said...

awwww so I wasnt the only one then ehehhehee