Sunday, 24 August 2008

National Museum

We were suppose to meet up with jlow and another of his and Gadget-daddy's friend. Our plan was to go to the Aquaria KLCC. Unfortunately a few things turned up and were had to put off our get-together.

So instead of going to see the fishes, we decided to take the boys to see some trains and old cars and other stuff - to the museum.

I was already imagining the dark corridors of the natural history gallery, mainly stuffed animals and insects and eggs behind glass cases, apart from the displays of old retired mode of transportation.

To the boys' delight we took our time on the trains and road transports displayed outdoors.

To Mommy's disappointment, the lower galleries were under renovations. I asked the lady at the ticket counter and she said all the displays on natural history are being moved out (did not mention where to), and the whole place will be just to focus on the Malaysian history.

Sigh... so all the images I have of what the museum used to be is also history. The trips I made as a child with my family, a few with different school groups as an excursion. We even played tour guide a few times to some foreign friends and brought them there. all are now but memories.

Well, I hope it'll be better when things are all done up.

Anyway, a visit to the museum is always marked by a photo taken at the main entrance (although it's been closed for renovations and we entered from the back).
(Oh, here the boys were too busy looking at dragon flies and water gliders in the fountain and I just got a candid shot. Gadget-daddy actually took a family photo later with his camera set on a timer.)

We did buy kacang putih (friend peanuts) from a stall. The lady had them in bags and on a wooden table, more like a desk, and you can just imgine her walking away at the end of the day balancing the table on her head. (Sorry, too busy to take a shot of her and the stall) So we had old style kacang putih at the museum. How appropriate. :)

So that was our kinda adventurous morning.


Cuddly Family said...

dont they realise the museum doesnt always have to be Malaysian centric. It can be of all things. Natural history is part of Malaysia.

I wonder what sort of "edited" history they will try and display..

Sigh.. I hope they are sensible but you knowlah.. :)

but Im glad the kids had a glorious time :D

Moomykin said...


Yeah, I know what you mean... Well, we'll have to wait to see how it'll turn out.

The boys did have a pretty good time. :)

Ann said...

Good that they were not disappointed. Kids, they are the best. They take whatever we can give them, as long as we are there to share it with them, and enjoy it to the max!

Can't wait for boyboy to be of age so that I can bring him to the museum too!

JLow said...

Yeah, sorry Moomykin, that we had to alter our plans that morning. I had forgotten that I needed to get Caitlin checked out by Dr Pixie's; Saturday's are usually the best time for such visits 'cos it's when Dr Pixie is on, and also I don't work on Saturdays.

We had to go for a complaint Caitlin's been having about peeing. I had thought it was UTI, but turned out to be a slight infection on her labia. Our bad, for not washing her properly after each pee. Nothing serious, just means more care from now on.

We did manage to go to Aquaria after all that afternoon- sorry we missed you. We did get to see a little of the divers feeding the big fishes; Caitlin was only interested in seeing the sharks and nothing else.

We shall plan another get-together; how about this coming long weekend?

Cuddly Family said...


what plans? Wouldn't everywhere be packed??

Moomykin said...


I hope by then you will also get to enjoy what's new on display...

Micah's first trip was actually before Max came. At that time he did get to see the suffed animals, insects and eggs, etc. But I don't think he has any recollection of that.

Moomykin said...


It's ok. Afternoons are harder for us. Max still needs to nap. Worse case is that he'll whine and then fall asleep in the middle of all excitement when he can't keep his eyes open by the time it's about 4pm.

This weekend. sure. :)

Shall we get a few other kids along?
Lia? :D

Moomykin said...


Lets see what we can do...
1. Gentings (I think jlow would like that very much.)
2. TTDI park
3. Bird park
4. Pool party...someone's place at a condo? (Ahem...)

mumsgather said...

Good wut. Sounds like a nice adventure.

Moomykin said...


Yes, thanks. The boys did enjoy themselves very much, except that only we know what they are missing. They'd have loved the natural history bit too.