Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Little More-Active Mom

Micah is such a home body. I asked him if he wanted to go out today, to the Science Center, but he was not interested.

"We just stay home everyday, ok? No school tomorrow? We just stay home-lah. No need to go anywhere."

The only place he really wanted to go was to visit a friend, but Max is still sniffing.

So the boys played and fought and made-up and played and fought, and made-up....
You get the pattern.

Mommy did a bit more with them today.

We built a few towers together with the building blocks, I still waved them off for their car races. We did some coloring activities, more like "homework" for Micah, and we did quite a bit of drawing. They chose to use the doodle-pad, so nothing to show. Of course there was endless pretend play, again on the Oriental Express and then in a space ship.

Micah, "Tigger is so funny. He goes (bouncing), 'bounce, pull, bounce, pull...' Then Rabbit says, (waving arms in exasperation) 'That's now how you pull weeds!' (giggles) They are so funny."

Micah and Max are now also very into repeating the funny parts they like from the shows they see. It's usually something from Pocoyo or Tigger and Pooh. Occasionally it'll be from Mickey Mouse or Johnny and the Sprites.

Good to see they have such a wonderful sense of humour.

Today's craving: Fruit cake.
Shall get it tomorrow.


Ann said...

hahaha....loved your last line!!!

Thank God good fruit cake is not hard to come by!

And glad the boys are giving you a break too!

Moomykin said...


I actually found 2 small squares in our fridge, from a few Christmases ago. Hahaha.. but still very good.

But the one I am actually dreaming of is the one we got from Melbourne last year. It's a dark fruit cake from Coles.

I regretted only buying 2 loafs for my family, and not buying for my friends as they were so delicious! They were also on sale after Christmas and it was a good bargain.