Monday, 18 August 2008

Moody Mommy

I am tired today. Don't feel like doing anything.

I enjoyed watching the boys play by themselves and playing together, but just not in the mood to get involved (if ever possible for a mommy).

So at one point or another I did:

fix a train,

hand out snacks,

cuddled the boys,

play pretend in a passive way (waved them off as they took the Oriental Express),

read a couple of books,

admired their drawings and exclaimed how amazing they are (of course they had to tell me what the drawings were suppose to be),

tickle them,


BUT I wish I could

take them to the park (can't imagine having to run after 2 boys and probably have to carry Max on the way back),

play in the room as we usually do, i.e. Mommy be the horse/ lift/ give helicopter rides...

race around the house with them,

make them pan cakes (if they're in the mood for some),

take them to visit a friend (Max has a slight running nose),

be more pro-active in suggesting something fun for them to do (like painting?!!)


Well, Just a little while more...

Hopefully by the time the first trimester is over I will feel better.


Maybe we should plan for something this weekend when Gadget-daddy is back.

p/s- Sorry I have not done my round of visiting your sites... just tired, and dull, as if the tastebuds on my tongue has fallen asleep.


InfanT said...

Rest more, kin.

Moomykin said...



Thinking of taking them to my moms today... at least there's a park just across the road there and they can play outdoors for a while.

mumsgather said...

"but just not in the mood to get involved (if ever possible for a mommy)."

Why its certainly possible! Even for non pregnant moms. So don't be so hard on yourself. Take care, relax and you'll feel more energetic again soon. :)

Moomykin said...


Thanks. :)

Actually I meant, if it's ever possible for a mommy not to be involved, despite how we feel.

But I have known of a certain mother who hires a maid for each child (yes, very rich) and she really does not get involved. So sad, her children I mean, but also the mother who does not know what she's missed.

Ann said...

no problem you! Take it easy and as passively as possible only get involved!! Your energy will return when the litte fetus doesn't require so much out of you!

Be a good parasite to the little one! :)

Moomykin said...


Ahhh, you mean the fetus is a little parasite and I should be as good a host as I can.

Yes, ma'am, indeed.

Ann said...

Kin...opppss...yes yes that is what I meant! Sigh....have to exercise my brain more I should exercise my tongue!