Thursday, 12 June 2008

After School: Of Bugs and Kitties

Happy to be back from school.

So the rest of the day, Micah entertained himself pretty well and skipped his nap again.
Seems to work pretty well in getting him to bed early and wake up early for school the next day.

Since he refused to nap, by the time it was 5pm, I made sure he was kept busy and not suddenly fall asleep.

We spent our evening in the back lane:

Micah fussed over some new kittens brought over by his black "friendly cat";

Grandma went digging for some ginger in her little garden and dug out a bunch of really fat earthworms. Micah raced off happily to feed the fishes;

We blew Dandylions into the air;

Went on an insect hunt and caught and released a small grasshopper and two lady bugs.

We later spotted another ladybug and a shiny bug.

Then Mommy managed to get a "shot" of an orange garden spider and another not-familiar insect while Micah fussed over the kittens again.

By the time the boys showered and had their dinner it was past 7pm.
Micah slept at 8pm, and Max about 9.30pm.

Now it's Mommy's turn to turn in. Gotta go to school tomorrow.


Angelia said...

Aww.. this reminds me so much of the things I used to do with my family. we lived in a great neighbourhood where exploration was so much fun and you could see so much wildlife (well, not quite WILDLIFE lol) and interesting things.

less of all that now but Im trying to make a conscious effort to do something. Gotta deurbanise ourselves sometimes :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Mommy on call, your cute son now like Indiana Jones doing exploring. Good for him. If daughter will play with Barbie dolls, ha ha.
Well, at least he and grandma not afraid of worms.
But believe it or not, I am. Its funny I am not afraid of snakes or iguanas, but frighten of worms, I think because slimy.
Thats why gardening not in my book, ha ha, if when digging spot a worm, habis cherita, I chabut!
You have a nice weekend, Lee.

Moomykin said...


Yes, I try to get as much of nature into the boys. Their next favourite channel after PHDC is Animal Planet. :D

At least we stay in sub-urban places and can still see these "wild life". My sis said in Singapore, where they live, their "wildlife" are stray cats and sparrows/pigeons.
So sad...

Moomykin said...

u.lee, love fishing?! How come afraid of slimy worms?

I thought I was very brave with worms, letting them crawl on my palm, pick them with two fingers, etc. Then I encountered jumping ones! Those are really "geli". Eeek!

Iguana and snake I like to look and if someone else is holding them, or if they are in a cage, I'd touch them, but please don't ask me to try to catch one that's running away. Don't fancy wresting with reptiles.

You have a good weekend too.

Ann said...

Glad Micah is enjoying school! Glad for you least you have more time on your hands half of the day.

Moomykin said...


yes, now I have more time to...hang around with Max and grandma till school is over for Micah.

We are sending him to where he used to go for playgroup, so it's a good 30mins drive on a good traffic day and almost an hour if traffic is bad.

So between 9am-12pm, we have to amuse ourselves. We would probably be going to my mom's a little more, while waiting to pick Micah up.