Monday, 30 June 2008

A Piece of the Past

Grandma is a wonder when it comes to being in the kitchen:
Her culinary skills as well as her history related to cooking utensils etc.

The other day we brought a bunch of old coconuts from Ah Ma's house and over the weekend Grandma took out her good old hand coconut-grater.

Micah was completely amused and wanted to have a try. He obviously could not muscle his strength to scrape anything out. Still, I thought it was a good experience for him.

And what does she do with the coconut shells that have been scraped?

Burn them over a clay stove to smoke out mosquitoes.
Brilliant. Natural insect repellent!

Later, Grandma used the coconut milk and cooked nasi lemak (fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk) and curry chicken. We had that for dinner that night.


Angelia said...

reminds me of my grandmother etc..

ahhh nostalgia :)

hmmm.. good idea reg: the mozzies :D

Ann said...

trust grandmas to know what to do wth everything. And it does indeed add an experience to the kids!

Moomykin said...


I like the natural mozzie repellent too, but have to make sure the laundry is no where near!



Yeah. I am glad my kids can still experience these while their grandma is around. I think our grandkids would probably not get to see such interesting non-high-tech household wares. Probably just the hand juice-squeezer.